Impulse Leads Next Generation of Energy Drinks

MIAMI, FLORIDA – August 18, 2004 – The NEW premium packaging positions IMPULSE Beverage Company as a serious contender in the marketplace and signifies the value of Impulse Energy Drinks. Additionally, the NEW Impulse Swish is a long-term marketable icon that is an instrumental means in generating consumer trial. The NEW Impulse package redesign in conjunction with strategies and programs defines and confirms Impulse Beverage Company as the leader of the next generation of energy drinks.

Impulse Beverage Company dedicates time and resources to continuously develop great tasting, award winning products. After Impulse developed, what is globally recognized as, the World’s Best Tasting Energy Drink by America’s Food & Beverage Association, an extensive trial period in test markets transpired. The consumers have spoken and the Impulse package redesign is a direct response to what they want. To generate trial, the packaging must have broad appeal, style, sophistication, and be connected to the product and business strategy.

The NEW Impulse design and packaging is just the beginning to a long-term commitment to cut through the clutter of here today gone tomorrow beverage offerings. Therefore, our customers are excited and enthused. Design and packaging are paramount as it is often the consumer’s first interaction with the product. An aggressive sales and marketing program, that mirrors the new design will be introduced to all levels of trade nationally and internationally, this fall. In addition to our in-store support, Impulse will have a strong grassroots program and be partnering with organizations and events on local levels.

Furthermore, Impulse Beverage Company has brought their graphics design group in house to work full time with the Company’s marketing team. This investment demonstrates Impulse’s long-term serious commitment to the marketplace. Impulse is well equipped with experienced manpower to produce all tools necessary to drive sales in all channels of trade. This strategic merge will strengthen the ability to consistently create and deliver new sales and marketing materials resulting in a great competitive advantage. Design is key especially in beverage packaging where the look of the product is often instrumental in generating consumer trial.

“Due to the unbelievable growth Impulse is experiencing, and the fact that we are capturing every market we enter, nationally and internationally, we wanted to respond accordingly and intelligently. We are confident we can offer our distributors, retailer and consumers a winning combination, made up of a great product, smart & creative marketing programs and passionate people behind it all. We are in position to lead the next generation of energy drinks,” Harold Miller, President, Impulse Energy.

Impulse Beverage Company is leading the next generation of energy drinks. The award winning combination of great taste, proven functionality, modern packaging and intelligent business strategy positions Impulse Energy to be able to compete successfully as a serious contender in the ever-evolving intensifying energy drink category. Impulse hit the market in 2001, with distribution limited to the South Florida market. According to plan, in just three years Impulse has become the preferred beverage choice of Miami’s famous South Beach. The brand is demonstrating consistent triple digit growth and worldwide awareness. As a result of the strong South Florida market presence and multi-cultural acceptance, Impulse created a high international demand. By year-end, Impulse Energy will be distributed in 25 countries. Impulse is widely recognized within the international industry as the most promising and best tasting energy drink manufactured and marketed in the USA.