Volvic Brand Re-launch Highlights Unique Volcanic Origin, Commitment to Balanced, Healthy Lifestyle and Preferred Taste Quality

Santa Monica, CA, (September 27, 2004) – In support of the ongoing re-launch of Volvic Natural Spring Water, AMI Imports, LLC, today announced the introduction of a new advertising campaign and user-friendly Web site (www. volvic-na.com) to promote the premium imported brand in North America. Volvic, which is uniquely sourced from an ancient volcanic region in Auvergne, France, has long been recognized for its distinctive and preferred taste. The new campaign which showcases the natural volcanic filtration of Volvic also further underscores the brands philosophy on the importance of wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

@@img1 While available in North America for more than 10 years, Volvic has been a best-kept secret among a loyal following of consumers based on its crisp taste, unique mineral profile and distinctive, premium packaging. The water has developed a particularly strong following among consumers who prefer natural and organic foods that contribute to a pure and balanced lifestyle.

The print advertising will debut in publications as Yoga Journal, Gotham Magazine, Hampton’s Magazine, Ocean Drive, LA Confidential, Natural Foods Merchandiser and Beverage Aisle.

The new Web site demonstrates a variety of user friendly, graphic devices to describe everything from Volvic’s voice on health and wellness to an efficient online ordering system and product locator.

Long recognized by experts as the best-tasting bottled water and even touted by wine enthusiasts as if reviewing a wonderful new grape, Volvic is often described in the language generally more familiar in the wine community. Such descriptions as “clean taste with a clean finish,” “lively and balanced,” and “bright and robust” all further distinguish Volvic’s presence in the marketplace.

“The new advertising and Web site are designed to open a channel of communication with those consumers who already prefer Volvic, and to expand awareness of the unique characteristics for which Volvic is loved,” said Olivier Sonnois, CEO of AMI Imports. “The unmatched taste and volcanic source are what the brand is best known for giving us the perfect opportunity to demonstrate these strategic imperatives of communication.”

Since AMI Imports assumed responsibility for the sales and marketing of the brand in 2003, the company has built a sales and marketing organization, expanded alignment with strategic distribution partners, achieved historical volume levels for Volvic and developed the new marketing program. The effort is paying off, as Volvic has become the fastest growing imported brand of natural spring water in America according to Spins[1].

Added, Leanne Nicolle, VP Marketing for AMI Imports. “The new campaign seeks to reflect the natural character of Volvic that originates from the water’s volcanic source and is reflective of the spark of the volcano.”

Volvic Natural Spring Water is sold in 60 countries around the globe and is one of the best-selling waters in the world, bottled since 1958 at its single and protected source.

AMI Imports, LLC is a division of AMI Holdings and is committed to providing to North American consumers with healthier beverage alternatives. AMI Imports is the exclusive sales and marketing agent in North America of Volvic Natural Spring Water. For more information about AMI Holdings and AMI Imports, please visit www.amigrp.com.