Nitro2Go Energy Drink Launches Dallas Sales Center

HIGHLAND, California – Nitro2Go, the fastest growing energy drink brand nationally, has exploded into the Dallas/Fort Worth marketplace with Houston, TX next on the list. Nitro2Go, Inc brought us their 100% All Natural Herbal Energy & Dietary Supplement line in the early 1990’s, which is currently leading the herbal energy supplement category in the Southern California convenience store marketplace.

Approximately two years ago, using their business and dietary supplement expertise, Nitro2Go formulated the Nitro2Go High Energy drink line, featuring an original and a low-carb version in both 8.4oz and 16oz sizes. Nitro2Go realized that they not only needed to manufacture an energy drink that worked great, but tasted great too. Nitro2Go now services over 10,000 customers in the Southern California marketplace utilizing their DSD (Direct Sales Delivery) system, and another 2,000 in Arizona and Las Vegas, NV. Winning taste test after taste test, Nitro2Go is continuing to expand their market share and igniting consumer’s taste buds across the country.


Just recently, Nitro2Go opened a manufacturer’s distribution sales center to cover the entire Dallas/Fort Worth marketplace, and talks of a Houston, TX sales center coming soon. In late August, a Nitro2Go product demo truck could be seen drawing large crowds and fueling consumer’s need for energy, by sampling at 150 convenience stores in a week. A storeowner was heard saying, “Now this is what it takes to make a product work. Good people, a great product, and the right support behind it all.” Another storeowner stated, “We have no problem selling the Nitro2Go herbal supplements and I’m having no problem selling the drinks either.” To complement each other, Nitro2Go is utilizing a fleet of DSD vans to blanket the entire DFW marketplace with both their energy drink line along with their Herbal supplement line too.

In early 2004, Nitro2Go activated their quest to become a leader in the energy drink category nationally. Nitro2Go creator and President Jeff Diehl, feels this is an attainable goal, and to help in his quest, Diehl brought on Darren Rogers, an experienced professional from the Coca-Cola system with a record of success, as Vice President-Sales. Right out of the gate, Rogers signed on multiple beverage distributors to cover the Midwest states, with a few of them having Hansen’s Monster Energy drink in their portfolio. One distributor stated, “If there’s going to be another major player in the energy drink category I want it in my portfolio.” Rogers will also oversee the Dallas/Fort Worth and future DSD sales centers, and there’s even been some activity brewing in the Northwestern and Northeastern states. At BevExpo 2004, Rogers stated, “We are offering the opportunity for beverage distributors to add another leader in the category to their portfolio, and mean while we will continue to strategically open Nitro2Go sales centers in every major US city.

Whether utilizing their own DSD capabilities or their National Network of Beverage Distributors, Nitro2Go has definitely position their brand to become a leader in the energy drink category.
For more information on having Nitro2Go products available in your store or information on becoming a Nitro2Go distributor, call Darren Rogers at 714-969-1829 or e-mail