Iceland Spring Celebrates Rich Icelandic Culture

New York, NY, November 2004- The first week of November brought with it an incredible line up of events for Iceland Spring. Iceland Spring was featured in a wide range of events including an annual gala and a morning news show.

Celebrating the presence of His Excellency Olafur Ragnar Grimson President of the Republic of Iceland and Mrs. Dorrit Moussaieff, the concert at Carnegie Hall with the famed Icelandic choir, and the more than seventy-five Icelandic runners to join the thousands of runners in this years New York City Marathon, Iceland Spring was the water of choice to welcome the many esteemed Icelandic visitors in the New York area throughout the week.

Beginning with a welcome luncheon held for the Icelandic President and his wife, the tone was set for the numerous times where the presence of Iceland Spring would be clearly visible. November 4th, 2004 brought the American Scandinavian Foundation Annual Gala Dinner where Iceland Spring was the preferred water among its prestigious patrons. Guests at Thursday’s event included Senator Hillary Clinton, and the master of ceremonies was the distinguished news correspondent of ABC’s 20/20 Lynn Sherr.

Bright and early Friday morning the Reykjavik Opera Choir & Threstir Male Choir was showcased on the CBS Morning. With Iceland Spring water in tow the group of over 150 sang to CBS Morning crowds. Later, an intimate gathering was planned to highlight the quality of Icelandic products, prepared by none other than the famed Icelandic Chef, Siggi Hall among others. Lamb was served with Iceland Spring available at all stations. The luncheon concluded with a humorous speech given by His Excellency Olafur Ragnar Grimsson President of the Republic of Iceland where he highlighted the richness of the Icelandic culture, the quality of its lambs and the unmatched purity of its water.

On Saturday November 6th, Iceland Spring stations were strategically placed throughout the elegant Columbus Circle Shopping Center to celebrate an Icelandic Day in New York City. With scheduled performances by the Reykjavik Opera Choir & Threstir Male Choir throughout the day, lamb prepared for its patrons for hours at a time, an appearance by His Excellency Olafur Ragnar Grimsson President of the Republic of Iceland, and the gathering of the more that eighty Icelandic Runners, Iceland Spring played a major role in Iceland Day. Giving away more than eleven thousand bottles to visitors throughout the day, the positive feedback since this event has been overwhelming.

Monday November 8, 2004, after a long New York Marathon, the Icelandic Runners were featured on CBS Morning with Iceland Spring carried by all. Iceland Spring Representatives were strewn throughout the crowds with signs of appreciation and congratulations to all of the Icelandic marathon runners.

The presence of Iceland Spring was felt throughout the week in New York and is sure to be felt for a long time to come. With its reputation of being the purest bottled water available in today’s market according to Dr. Richard Maas bottled water expert, growing involvement in prestigious events and growing celebrity notoriety, Iceland Spring is sure to capture the hearts and minds of the health and quality conscious.

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