Power Horse Energy Drink Teams with Nor-Cal Beverage for California Launch

San Francisco, Calif. – Power Horse Energy Drink announces its collaboration with Nor-Cal Beverage Company, Inc. for the brand’s launch in the rapidly expanding beverage market of California. Power Horse is owned and produced by the 150 year-old, family-run food and beverage giant of Austria, S. Spitz Company based in Linz, Austria. The Power Horse brand has been distributed by Spitz since 1993 with a leadership position in many international markets. Spitz made the strategic decision to enter the massive U.S. energy drink category in 2003 with the incorporation of its wholly-owned U.S. marketing company, Power Horse U.S.A., Inc., based in San Francisco.

“Considering the glut of energy drink knock-off brands that have launched – and failed – in the U.S. market over the past couple of years, it was critical that Spitz find the right partner to handle the sales and distribution of Power Horse in this growing market,” said Gary Larson, CEO of Power Horse, U.S.A. “With its complimentary portfolio of world class brands, professional sales force and far-reaching presence in important California metro areas like Sacramento, Nor-Cal is the perfect fit for Power Horse.”

Unlike other energy drinks, Power Horse is formulated for extra potency and smoother taste. It’s glass bottle and unique 8.5 oz. ‘squat’ can set it apart from the myriad of copycat brands in the category. The goals for the brand in California include reaching the growing number of 30 year-old plus consumers who increasingly turn to energy drinks as a stimulating substitute for coffee and a turbo-charged alternative to sodas – from morning to night. Power Horse U.S.A.’s marketing investments have been specifically tailored to reach the ‘hands-on’ consumer with the right tasting product at the right price. Specialized marketing programs have included heavy emphasis on Hispanic consumers, utilizing radio, outdoor media and retailer programs to add momentum to the launch.

Headquartered in Sacramento, Nor-Cal beverage is the primary distributor in the region for many well known soda and beer brands, including Snapple, Dr. Pepper, Squirt and Budweiser. With 700 employees and five regional distribution centers, the inclusion of Power Horse represents an ideal addition to its brand selection for both retailers and consumers.

“The Spitz management understands how competitive this category has become in the United States and products won’t sell unless they have a strong, unique brand concept and sufficient resources are invested to ensure consumer awareness and loyalty,” said Grant Deary, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Nor-Cal Beverage Company. “Spitz has backed this launch with a great product, a lot of effort and the critically needed resources; we’re very happy with the results.”

In the coming month Nor-Cal and Power Horse will partner again for the introduction of Power Horse 6-pack, a completely new packaging format for the category in North America.