New Year! New Look! New Leaf!

Orangeburg, NY, December, 2004- As the New Year begins, as will a new look for New Leaf Teas. New Leaf teas will be produced in glass bottling as of January 2005. With this new bottling will come a glamorous new label that will match its already sophisticated taste. Happy New Leaf! Of the original six flavors, five will be produced in January with more fabulous flavors to come later in the year.


The new glass bottle stands out head and shoulders versus the bottled teas offered in today’s market. Light weight and easy to grip, this bottle features an elegant leaf embossment that simply accentuates the lovely shape. The eye-catching glass bottle is sure to result in consumer intrigue.

Paired with the glass bottle is a pressure sensitive label with a refined simplicity that only adds to the already luxurious package. The new line of New Leaf comes in five flavors that are identified with five different, stunning colors.

New Leaf’s original and creative packaging is a reflection of the magnificent flavors found within. New Leaf’s dedication to health, quality, purity, and taste all come together in the flavors of Green and White tea. White Tea with Honeydew Melon, White Tea with Grapefruit, White Tea with Ginseng and Honey, Green Tea with Ginseng, and Green Tea with Plum are the first to be produced this year. With only 75 calories per serving, the use of evaporated cane juice as opposed to high fructose corn syrup and all natural ingredients, New Leaf outdoes all available in the market.

With a design process that took nearly a year to complete, the final results are phenomenal.

About Skae Beverage International, LLC: Skae Beverage International, LLC, is a sales and marketing organization that believes products should reflect purity and nutrition. In addition to New Leaf Beverages (, Skae Beverage International LLC also distributes the Iceland Spring Brand of water nationally (log on to for more information about Iceland Springs). Skae Beverage reacts quickly to the demands of the marketplace and its products are all natural.