@@img2Thorlakshofn, Iceland – Icelandic Glacial H2O makes its American debut, announcing distribution at 150 SuperTarget stores across the nation on November 6, as the first super-premium bottled water becomes available to consumers via the mass-market retailer.

Launched in Europe at Cannes Film Festival, followed by a sneak peak with Steve Ballmer and Stephen Spielberg at the E3 Expo in L.A. while supporting the new Xbox 360 console launch, the U.S. premiere of Icelandic Glacial H2O, unsurpassed in spring water purity, made its presence felt at the Natural Products Expo East September 16 with a reception of Icelandic dignitaries in Washington, D.C.

The brand is capturing the attention of consumers and retailers alike, with intense interest fueled by the growing number of discerning consumers seeking only the purest, most authentic naturally available spring water possible. When retail prospects first realized that Icelandic Glacial has an unbelievably low level of dissolved solids (one fourth of its major competitors with total dissolved solids of only 68 ppm as measured by NSF and USDA/FDA), retailers knew they had a coveted product on their hands.

Recognizing the significant consumer interest in the purest, super-premium bottled water category, Target Stores recently embraced the Icelandic Glacial brand and hosts the sole distribution rights among mass-market retailers. Gourmet grocers, natural food merchants and specialty stores will receive shipments this fall.

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ONE IN 250,000
Never before created, Icelandic Glacial’s patented bottle is a unique statement in package design and is the perfect complement to the rarified nature of the product and compelling allure of the spring water’s remote origins. The exquisitely sculpted bottle design positions the brand for chic yet simple notoriety. The 3D ice-capped square PET panel bottles sport four different labels affixed randomly to four slightly different bottle shapes. This equates to 16 different bottles and creates a stunning panoramic glacial landscape when lined up on the retail shelf. That snow and ice landscape is the logo’s backdrop, seen through the bottle, serving as a visual reminder of the water’s unique purity. The likelihood of having six randomly placed identical bottles in a row has been calculated at a quarter million to one, according to its designers, creating a relatively unique landscape for each shelf allocation.

“Best of all, the water itself is every bit as good as the advance billing of the packaging,” said beverage industry veteran and Icelandic Water Holdings EHF President/North America Jim Tonkin. “Our Icelandic Glacial people who built the bottling plant and created the brand are absolutely meticulous in every aspect of bringing this to market, from safeguarding the ultra-pure and renewable water source to the awe-inspiring packaging that stuns every industry seen-it-all that I’ve shown it to,” said Tonkin. With 35 years of beverage industry experience, Tonkin considers the introduction of Icelandic Glacial the culmination of what the bottled water industry has been destined to achieve, including the segmentation of what has become a truly “super-premium category,” focused on purity. Tonkin was formerly CEO of Essentia Water and an early player in the introduction and market rise of Fiji Natural Artesian Water, Hawaiian Natural Water, Canadian Natural Glacial Water and Calistoga’s Napa Naturals.
The source of Icelandic Glacial H20’s legendary water is the remote Olfus Spring near the town of Thorlakshofn, on Iceland’s Southwest coast. The nation’s remote location and society’s vehement defense from environmental compromise is only a backdrop to Olfus, one of the world’s largest and purest springs that is shielded by an impenetrable barrier of lava rock formed 4500 years ago. A renewable resource with a total area of about 200 square miles, Icelandic Glacial has the sole rights to sell the water from the Olfus Spring.

The newly built state-of-the art bottling plant includes a clean room environment equivalent to laboratory conditions and meets the stringent standards set by Iceland’s Public Health Authority. The Icelandic Glacial staff completes daily laboratory tests to meet Icelandic, NSF and World Health Organization water testing standards.

With today’s daily capacity able to produce 250,000 bottles in a highly automated environment, plans are already in place for a second, larger bottling facility based on early European and U.S. sales.

With the launch of the product at the Cannes Film Festival, the Star Wars Episode III premier parties in Cannes and London, at the Grand Prix of Monaco’s exclusive Amber Lounge event, its sneak peak at the E3 Expo with Microsoft’s Xbox360 and launch with Icelandic dignitaries in Washington, D.C., the stage has now been set with anticipation of more to come. To parallel its introduction at SuperTarget stores, the company plans to roll out an experiential marketing program throughout 2006, providing “personal touch points” for American consumers to experience Icelandic purity at its finest, at celebrity events and on the street, according to Tonkin.

With headquarters in Reykjavik, Icelandic Water Holdings EHF was founded and is chaired by noted Icelandic businessman Jon Olafsson, known for his passionate stewardship of his country’s environment. Management is headed by London-based CEO Patrick Racz, who oversees production, European operations and distribution as well as worldwide marketing, including the U.S. Their award-winning package design and branding work is credited to Design Bridge, WMD Graphics, Sleever International and Kappa Packaging.

Icelandic Glacial H2O is available in individual half liter ($1.29 retail), full liter ($1.69) and half-liter six-packs ($6.99). The water is available at Target and other retailers nationwide.