Lost’s Dysfunctional Family Gets Bigger

Lost Energy 16-oz; Lost Perfect 10 16-oz; Lost Five-O 16-oz; Lost Big Gun 24-oz; Lost Five-O 24-oz

SAN CLEMENTE, CA December 2005 – It was only a matter of time until the Dysfunctional family grew larger. …Lost, the surf, skateboard and snowboard apparel and surfboard manufacturer has seen its flagship energy drink, …Lost Energy Drink, grow from the most successful new energy drink launch of 2004 to the fastest growing energy drink over $10 million in 2005.* In the past three months the …Lost line-up has grown from one lone drink to a five-member family of completely original products.

Lost Energy’s quiver has expanded to include:


…Lost Five-O
“Unlike a lot of the other guys, we don’t make flavors,” explains …Lost Energy Brand Manager, Geoff Bremmer. “Instead, we make innovative drinks for different purposes. …Lost Five-O is made with 50% real juice, so it’s ideal for people who are apprehensive about energy drinks. Also, Five-O’s blend of …Lost and natural juice flavors make it the perfect morning pick-me-up or an amazing mixer for cocktails.”

…Lost Perfect 10
Ten calorie, …Lost Perfect 10 is a man’s diet energy drink. “No guy wants to be seen holding a white or silver can that says `diet,’ `light’ or `free’ on it,” says …Lost co-founder, co-owner and surfboard shaper Matt Biolos. “At the same time, my shapers who drink this stuff all day long don’t want to get fat.” Perfect 10 delivers a balance of full flavor with fewer calories and a great looking package.

…Lost Big Gun 24-oz. & …Lost Five-O 24-oz.
The red-hot energy drink category is on fire, up 75% this year.** Leading the charge is the emerging 24-oz. segment. “The first time people see our new …Lost Big Gun 24-oz. and …Lost Five-O 24-oz. they freak-out on how big the cans are. Then we ask them how big the large coffee they had this morning was or the medium sized soda they had with lunch was, and they understand the concept,” says Bremmer. …Lost Big Gun 24 oz. and …Lost Five-O 24 oz. launch January 1, 2006.

About …Lost Energy
…Lost is the authentic energy drink brand for those of us who connect with the youthful action sports lifestyle. …Lost’s roots are in producing surfboards and action sports apparel sold only in core surf, skateboard and snowboard shops. The crew at MONSTER makes …Lost with a select blend of vitamins, herbs and amino acids for a powerful boost and a crisp flavor that tastes good and mixes even better. …Lost was the best selling new energy drink of 2004 and is the fastest growing single serve energy drink with sales over $10 million in 2005.* Check out our world at www.lostenterprises.com.

*Source: ACNielsen Convenience Track – Total US, YTD 12/25/04 & 10/1/05
**Source: Beverage Digest Vol. 47, No. 7, 10/21/05, includes convenience stores, supermarkets & drug stores

Contact: Geoff Bremmer Phone: (951) 739-6400
E-mail: BremmerG@hansens.com