Global Beverage Launches Kool Cow Sparkling Drinks

@@img1January 2006 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Global Beverage Enterprises Inc. announced the launch of America’s first sugar free “milk-based carbonated beverage line” called “Kool Cow Sparkling Drinks”.

In response to the issue of children obesity in America and the world, “Kool Cow Sparkling Drinks” are made from fat free skimmed milk powder, fortified with vitamins and best of all they are “carbonated”.

Targeted to kids of all ages who hate milk but love soda, “Kool Cow Sparkling Drinks” are available in delicious Strawberry and Fruity Peach-Mango flavors. To assure rapid and low cost distribution “Kool Cow” is packaged in convenient 16.9 oz PET bottles and slim 8.5 oz (Family 6-Pack) cans.

“Kool Cows” remarkable two- year shelf life will assist distributors and retailers to achieve our goal of a “Kool Cow Sparkling Drink” in every lunch box in America.

Based in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, Global Beverage Enterprises Inc, is poised to lead this new hybrid beverage category and is actively seeking Distributors, Retailers, Jobbers, Vendors and Brokers throughout North America who want to join the biggest beverage revolution since Red Bull.

Additional information can be obtained by calling: Mr. Jeff Kaplan at (954) 793-0637.