@@img1FAIRFIELD, NJ (January, 2006) – Sanfaustino Calcium Water, an all-natural calcium alternative that delivers 45% of the adult RDA for calcium in each one liter bottle, is now available in four delicious all-natural flavors: Lemon, Lime, Mandarin Orange and Raspberry Lime. On the American market since May 2004, Sanfaustino is the only bottled water recognized by the National Osteoporosis Foundation and the only bottled water in the United States that meets the FDA’s requirements for “Good Source of Calcium.” Doctors nationwide are recommending Sanfaustino to their patients for its value in helping consumers meet daily calcium requirements to improve bone health and prevent osteoporosis, a disease that is on the rise.

“We began importing Sanfaustino from Italy to deliver an alternative calcium source that would help Americans achieve better bone health,” said Alan S. Gever, CEO of Sanfaustino. “Sanfaustino Flavored Calcium Waters give our retailers four more delicious options to offer their health-hungry, calcium-conscious customers and give consumers added choice in how they meet daily calcium requirements.”

Sanfaustino’s new flavored calcium waters will be available for order and shipment to the Company’s 4,000-plus national retailers beginning January 22 at the NASFT Fancy Food Show, in San Francisco (Booth # 4010). The Company expects to see its flavored calcium waters at the store level by May 2006.

The addition of all-natural flavor essences is the first ever change to Sanfaustino Calcium Water since 1894 when its source was discovered in Umbria, Italy. The flavor essences in Sanfaustino Flavored Calcium Waters are all-natural and free of preservatives, calories, sugar and artificial sweeteners. The Company will continue to sell the original Sanfaustino Calcium Water in addition to the four new flavored versions.

About Sanfaustino Calcium Water:
Doctor Recommended Sanfaustino comes direct from a one-of-a-kind mountain spring in Umbria, Italy that generates lightly effervescent water high in calcium. All natural Sanfaustino is the only bottled water deemed a “Good Source of Calcium” by the FDA and the only bottled water recognized by the National Osteoporosis Foundation for its role in the promotion of proper bone health. Each one liter bottle of Sanfaustino contains 45% of the adult RDA for calcium – and the calcium in Sanfaustino is as bioavailable as the calcium in milk, dose for dose. The Calcium Water is also sodium free. Sanfaustino has been enjoyed by Italians since 1894 and is now available in the United States at leading gourmet, natural foods and grocery stores nationwide (MSRP: $2.99/one-liter bottle). Additional information on Sanfaustino’s health benefits and comparisons to other products can be found on the Company’s web site, www.sanfaustino.com <http://www.sanfaustino.com/>

Calcium Fast Facts:
According to the US FDA, the adult RDA for calcium is 1000mg per day. In order to fight osteoporosis and maintain proper bone health, calcium is a key element, yet studies show that 75% of Americans still do not meet calcium requirements.