VOLVIC Created by Volcanoes Now Kissed by a Lemon

@@img2SANTA MONICA, CA – Jan. 30, 2006 – Today AMI Brands, LLC announced the launch of Volvic Natural Lemon and Volvic Natural Orange across North America. Already an acclaimed taste sensation and one of the best selling flavored waters in France, Germany and the UK, Volvic Lemon and Orange are infused with a hint of natural lemon and orange essence offering a very refreshing taste.
“Volvic Natural Lemon and Orange beverages are a logical companion to the fast growing Volvic Natural Spring Water,” said Olivier Sonnois, CEO of AMI Brands. “The thirst of North American consumers for low calorie flavored water beverages is expected to grow exponentially over the next 10 years and Volvic flavors are a proven and differentiated alternative.”

“Sold in a proprietary 500 ml wide mouth bottle, Volvic Natural Lemon and Orange will be merchandised cold whenever possible for immediate chilled consumption” explained Leanne Nicolle, VP Marketing. “Very importantly for our consumers, Volvic flavors are very low in calories and do not contain any artificial sweeteners.”

Volvic Natural Lemon and Orange will be made available at select convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants and hotel mini-bars as well as home delivery merchants such as www.freshdirect.com in the New
York City area.

Volvic Natural Spring Water is uniquely sourced from an ancient volcanic region in Auvergne, France, and is sold in 60 countries around the globe. Volvic is one of the best-selling waters in the world, bottled since 1958 at its single and protected source. For more information about Volvic Natural Lemon and Orange, please visit www.volvic.com.

AMI Brands, LLC is the exclusive importer of Volvic Natural Spring Water and Badoit sparkling natural mineral water in United States and Canada. The company focuses on marketing and distribution of healthier beverages. For more information about AMI Brands, please visit www.amigrp.com