Pimp Juice Gains Extra Strength and Expands International Sales

(Los Angeles, CA) March 2006 – In addition to the reduced calorie PJ Tight, EXTRA-STRENGTH Pimp Juice will soon be making its way onto the energy drink market. Containing 81 milligrams of caffeine, Extra-Strength Pimp Juice is much more potent than its predecessor. According to Fillmore Street Brewery’s President William Wooten, “Most of our market research indicated that our customers loved the taste of the product but didn’t believe they were experiencing the added boost. We decided to heed their call for caffeine, make one of the strongest energy drinks in the industry, and still maintain the sweet, smooth taste of the original.” Since its launch in 2003, Pimp Juice has risen above the initial controversy surrounding its name to become the number one selling hip hop energy drink worldwide. Nelly is very proud of his company’s success and looks forward to future promotions, other business opportunities, and Pimp Juice line extensions.

Fillmore Street Brewery is also proud to announce consumers worldwide will be able to purchase Pimp Juice through Amazon.com. Pimp Juice products are already available online at the Pimp Juice web store (www.letitloose.com) and in most local malls at Spenser’s Gifts. Pimp Juice is also honored to team up with Navarre Corporation, a leading publisher and distributor of PC Software, video games, DVDs and music. This exceptional partnership makes Pimp Juice and Pimp Juice-branded clothing the first beverage and merchandise products to be sold by Navarre.

Pimp Juice has also expanded their global distribution. An introductory five truckloads are being shipped to various countries in Eastern Europe to launch pimp juice to the eager consumers. Fillmore Street Brewery has also signed a licensing/co-packing manufacturing deal to produce Pimp Juice in Germany. Pimp Juice is scheduled to make its introductory run in the German market right before the FIFA World Cup. They have also partnered with a new distributor that will re-launch Pimp Juice in the eastern part of Australia and New Zealand. Distribution in Jamaica will begin in April.

Pimp Juice has been recognized by the respected industry trade BevNet (The Beverage Network) as the “People’s Choice” for best energy drink, as well as being touted by Vibe magazine as the “best energy drink” Fillmore Street Brewery currently has 110 distributors across the country with international distribution in several countries including Canada, numerous European Countries, South Africa and Australia. Pimp Juice is also available in Sam Goody’s and Tower Records.

For more information please visit www.letitloose.com.