March 24, 2006 (San Francisco, CA) “We often talk about what is not in hint, (sweeteners, calories, preservatives, etc.) but today we remind consumers why they enjoy hint’s outstanding, well-rounded flavors with a clean finish” says founder and CEO Kara Goldin. “Our earliest customers in New York and San Francisco remember Pomegranate-Tangerine and Raspberry-Lime from market tests last year and they have been requesting them repeatedly ever since. We are thrilled today to meet their persistent demands with what may be our best products yet.”

“Hint is changing the beverage environment by demonstrating that ‘all natural’ and ‘best tasting’ go hand in hand. It’s all about simple great tasting choices. Consumers are tired of complicated functional claims and they don’t want to worry about preservatives and other artificial ingredients. They want a simple drink that tastes good.” Says HINT’S CEO Kara Goldin. “I created HINT simply because I love water with a slice of lime or cucumber and wanted a convenient way to have that experience on the go.”

San Francisco-based HINT delivers a clean refreshing taste in an exquisite bottle. Hint has been featured on popular shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, the OC and CSI, and has shown up in the Golden Globes pre-show events, Oscar Nominee gift bags and at the Stella McCartney Adidas launches.

Pomegranate-Tangerine and Raspberry-Lime join recently launched Pear, Peppermint and Tropical Punch and anchor flavors Cucumber, Lime and Apple. With HINT’s incredibly refreshing, great tasting water and eye-catching packaging, it’s easy to drink enough water without even thinking about it.

In stores, spas and restaurants nationwide HINT is filling that untapped space between upscale plain waters and sugary high-end sodas.

“Store buyers are telling us that their customers don’t want the sweetness and calories associated with flavored waters and high end sodas. They are drinking more water, but craving more taste. Essence water is what they want.”

At last, it’s water made delicious, fun, and exciting.

Former AOL exec Kara Goldin launched HINT, along with her husband Theo Goldin, former Netscape technology counsel, in April 2005 just one month before the birth of their fourth child. HINT is available in fine grocers such as Whole Foods (West Coast), Gourmet Garage, Woodlands Market, Real Foods and Glen Ellen Market, and is now distributed through Nature’s Best and Kehe Food Distributors to ensure that Americans from coast to coast can enjoy the delicious flavors of HINT. Visit www.drinkHINT.com for distribution information or contact kara@drinkhint.com.