Los Angeles (March 29, 2006) – Independent beverage producer Bliss Beverage today announced the roll-out of an eye-catching advertising campaign for its flagship product, Socko Energy, timed with phase one of the brand’s multi-city mobile marketing tour. Set to launch April 7, the multi-sensory campaign comprises a creative series of print ads, billboards, radio spots, viral marketing, online advertising, and co-op marketing throughout various media and lifestyle outlets. Complementing the effort, Socko will hit the road with a heavy mobile marketing blitz featuring a hard-to-miss Socko hot air balloon, visible from 20 miles away and flying at all tour stops, along with a well-equipped Socko-wrapped RV. Socko ski boats will also visit summer vacation destinations including Lake Havasu, Arizona and more.

Socko will paint all towns green, strategically invading each city with an array of innovative advertising, marketing, public relations and promotional initiatives designed to bring the spirit of the beverage to life and promote Consumers will begin to see Socko advertising and marketing initiatives rolling out in many ways across their city, via:

*Outdoor Advertising – Residents in each tour market will see Socko Energy creative popping up in unexpected places including billboards, buses, balloons and boats, wild postings (street posters) and wallscapes in key areas of the city.

*Print Advertising – Traditional print advertising will be breaking in regional lifestyle publications including Village Voice Media publications (Westword, Seattle Weekly, Phoenix New Times, Salt Lake City Weekly) targeting the young nightlife crowd with weekly concert and entertainment information. The Socko Street Teams will work alongside publication reps in each market to sample products at promotional events.

*Online Advertising – will become an online sponsor for Socko Energy, running banner ads on, targeting the market where the Socko Energy tour is visiting.

*Local Radio Promotions – Residents will also hear new Socko radio advertisements in each market as Socko will run a mix of traditional spot advertising, on-site promotions, in -studio content, and remotes.

*Street Teams – The high-energy street crew will invade each tour city offering residents promotional items including key chains, t-shirts, hats and Socko Energy. In addition, the crew will set up sampling tables at key retail locations, offering consumers a chance to try Socko Energy.

*Retail Promotions – Key retail locations in each tour city will offer special price offerings for Socko Energy while tour is in market.

*Socko Lifestyle Promotion – Residents in every market will have the opportunity to win a “Socko lifestyle package” by throwing a wild party and serving Socko beverages. Prizes include a year supply of Socko Energy, a Dell 23″ LCD Flat Screen, 60G Ipod, Sirius S50, Bose Headphones, Xbox 360, and more. To enter “wild Socko party” online, consumers can visit

Phase one of the cool, cross country crusade will target key markets including Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Washington, and Oregon, with presence and sampling at major events, retail locations, and local hotspots across the country. Spending 30 days in each market, the Socko-wrapped motor home will give consumers a “taste” of the Socko – energetic, youthful, blissful and strikingly impressive – lifestyle.

“It’s time America got Socko’d,” said Bliss Beverage president Jordan Harwood. “By land, by sea and by sky, our tour is going all out to reach consumers in unexpected places and unexpected ways. We realize the key to our success is having consumers get a taste of Socko, literally, but also get a feel for the lifestyle around the brand. Once they do, we believe they’ll be a part of our world.”

Based in Scottsdale, AZ, Bliss Beverage has developed an energy drink that appeals to a mass audience without succumbing to the latest “extreme” trends set forth by other energy drinks on the market today. The end result – Socko – a vibrant, eye-catching energy drink filled with clean, refreshing, non-heavy, healthy ingredients with a smooth taste and electrifying color. Socko is currently available in 16 U.S. markets, and will soon be in many more.

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