Major Retailers in U.S. and Abroad Embrace Socko Energy as Explosive Growth Continues

Los Angeles (April 12, 2006) – Underscoring its reputation as the fastest-growing independent energy drink in America, Socko Energy has announced two major retail agreements that will significantly increase its distribution in the U.S. and abroad. In addition, Socko Energy will expand in a new direction with the nationwide introduction of its sugar-free alternative, Socko Slim.

In the U.S., Socko Energy has pacted with one of the nation’s leading convenience store chains, Circle K, which will lead to Socko Energy and Socko Slim gaining shelf space in nearly 600 Circle K retail locations in several west coast markets, including Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Washington and Oregon.

Outside the U.S., consumers in Mexico will also be able to experience Socko and Socko Slim through a deal initiated by Socko partner Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment (BHE TV, LLC) with FreshCo. Distributing, a large grower, shipper, distributor and marketer of fresh produce to Mexico and the U.S. over the past nine years. As part of this agreement, FreshCo., along with Dulcca, S.A. de C.V. in certain territories, will leverage its chain, wholesale and convenience store distribution to launch Socko in hundreds of retail locations throughout Mexico, including the following outlets:

Casa Ley
Tiendas Soriana
Operadora Futurama
Comercial V.H.
Tiendas Artelli
Circular K Mexico – Circle K

Socko Energy will also target additional key retail chains in Mexico including Soriano, Centro Comercial Californiano (CCC), Aramburo, Grupo Sanborns and Costco, among others.

FreshCo. Principal Rene Morales said, “We are excited about marketing this fabulous product and so far have received an enthusiastic response from the Mexican market.”

Currently available at thousands of major retailers, grocery and convenience stores throughout 16 U.S. markets including Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Utah, Arkansas, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming, Socko Energy will continue to expand throughout the U.S., including the California and New York markets in the next six months, as well as key strategic territories abroad.

“We’re excited that our agreements with Circle K and FreshCo. take the Socko business to a new level,” said Jordan Harwood, president, Bliss Beverage, parent company of Socko Energy. Mike Jannicelli, president Bliss Beverage, international added, “Both the domestic and international deals will allow Socko Energy to successfully penetrate key markets, develop strategic partnerships and increase sales tremendously. In addition, they’ll prove extremely beneficial for our company and business partners, helping to facilitate additional alliances currently not accessible at this time.”

Complementing Socko Energy’s intent to gain increased exposure throughout the U.S., the brand has embarked on a cross-country mobile marketing blitz featuring a Socko-wrapped RV and hot air balloon. The Socko Energy Tour will target key markets including Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Washington, and Oregon, with presence and sampling at major events and retail locations, including Circle K. In addition to grassroots marketing efforts, Bliss has purchased advertising media in all distribution markets including billboards, radio, viral marketing, online advertising, and co-op marketing with various media outlets.

Socko Energy is the flagship product of Bliss Beverage, a Scottsdale, AZ-based company that has developed an energy drink which appeals to a mass audience without succumbing to the latest “extreme” trends set forth by other energy drinks on the market today. The end result – Socko – is a vibrant, eye-catching energy drink filled with clean, refreshing, non-heavy, healthy ingredients with a smooth taste and electrifying color. Socko is currently available in 16 U.S. markets and quickly becoming the fastest-growing independent energy drinks in the country. To learn more about Socko Energy, visit