Triple A Products Unveils VitaZest 10 Ounce Kids Size Drink

Boco Raton, FL – May 4, 2006 – For the last two years, Boca Raton based Triple A Products, has been promoting its patented health drink VitaZest Vitamin & Fruit Enriched Water. VitaZest has been available in 20 ounce bottles. However, Triple A Products is now proud to announce that their No Sugar, No Calorie, No Carbohydrate, No Caffeine, No Preservative, Naturally Flavored Vitamin Enriched water, is also being produced in an all new 10 ounce child friendly bottle.

“Send the kids to school, the beach, camp or anywhere to enjoy the delicious rich fruit flavor and the nutritional benefits of drinking VitaZest,” said Scott Abramson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Triple A Products.

Benny Alcalay, a Principal of Triple A Products claimed, “We’ve been hearing all over the news, from parents, schools and health experts that there exists a void in the market and a dire need for drinking alternatives for a new generation battling an epidemic of child obesity. The smaller 10 ounce kid size VitaZest is the perfect drinking alternative.

With the new 10 ounce VitaZest in hand Alcalay added, “Here’s to a Healthy America, One Bottle at a Time! Live Healthy Kids. Drink VitaZest!”