Seawright Holdings Engages Beverage Expert Trajectory Partners to Build Distribution Network

WASHINGTON – May 18, 2006 – Seawright Holdings, Inc. owner of one of the most prolific natural water springs on the Eastern Seaboard, announced today that it has engaged the services of Trajectory Partners, a management consulting firm and specialist in the consumer beverage and natural foods industries, to help develop a distribution network for the Company’s first commercial bottled water, Seawright Springs Premium Natural Spring Water.

“According to the Beverage Marketing Corporation, bottled water is now the second largest commercial beverage category in the U.S. We believe Seawright Springs Premium Natural Spring Water can serve ongoing, robust demand for high-quality, all natural bottled water. Trajectory Partners’ expertise in the beverage industry provides a valuable asset to help us develop our initial distribution strategy. We are very excited to work with their team and look forward to bringing our first commercial bottled water to consumers,” said Joel Sens, President and CEO of Seawright Holdings, Inc.

Trajectory Partners has more than 20 years of experience in the consumer goods industry. Its principals have worked for and/or represented several of today’s leading international beverage companies, including Coca Cola Enterprises, Lipton, Guinness, and the Miller Brewing Company. William Hargis, the firm’s Managing Partner, was the co-founder, President and CEO of The Switch, which he grew into an international brand.

“Seawright Holdings has one of the largest renewable water sources on the East Coast and an inherent brand identity,” said Hargis. “Seawright Springs Premium Natural Spring Water will be a natural fit for many distributors.”

Seawright Springs Premium Natural Spring Water is being launched in the luxury brand category and will be available in half-liter and liter bottles. The product’s initial distribution targets are high-end supermarkets and health food stores in the Mid Atlantic region.

About Seawright Holdings, Inc.
Seawright Holdings, Inc. is the producer of Seawright Springs Premium Natural Spring Water, one of America’s purest, freshest and high-mineral content drinking waters. Seawright Springs is located in beautiful Augusta County, Virginia on 145 acres of protected woodlands. The spring produces in excess of one million gallons of water a day and is one of the largest sources of fresh natural spring water on the Eastern Seaboard. In 2003, Joel Sens formed Seawright Holdings, Inc. and purchased Seawright Springs to begin producing Seawright Springs Premium Natural Spring Water.

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