Industry’s first innovative Micro-Brew technology, experience the disposable true pressure brew cup of Espresso or Latte.


JavaVoo introduces the Micro-Brew Personal Barista.

JavaVoo, LLC has developed and patented the industry’s first disposable Ready-To-Pressure-Brew cup of Espresso or other hot beverages using any standard microwave oven. Our product the Micro-Brew Personal Barista is a disposable coffee unit that can pressure brew a fresh cup of 6-8 fl oz Espresso or Latte in the microwave oven in 2 minutes. The Micro-Brew Personal Barista is completely self contained; it is packaged to include cup, lid, water, ground coffee, and all the necessary ingredients to pressure brew a fresh cup of Espresso or Latte.

Utilizing our patented Micro-Brew technology, the Micro-Brew Personal Barista replicates the same pressure brewing process as the expensive Espresso machine. Producing the same rich and full-bodied tasting cup of coffee, complete with rich crema, at a cost of less than a comparable medium size cup of Latte from coffee house. No longer a need for the expensive Espresso machine to brew an authentic cup of Espresso. Pressure brewing a cup of Espresso or Latte is now as easy as 1-2-3 with no mess to clean up, just 2 minutes in the microwave, drink then toss.



JavaVoo’s mission is to provide consumers the highest value of freshly pressure brewed gourmet hot beverage in the most convenient way. We envision that our patented innovative Micro-Brew technology can potentially redefine and transform the way consumers prepare and drink gourmet coffee as well as other hot beverages in the near future.

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