Aquamantra Puts a New Twist on “Message in a Bottle” with Bottled Water that Stimulates Your Soul

Dana Point, CA – June ’06: Aquamantra combines Natural Spring Water, packaging and Quantum Physics to inspire consumers to think, then drink. At a time when many beverage companies are trying new ingredients to lure consumers to their products, Aquamantra Creator, Alexandra Teklak, is combining the simple ingredients of water and the power of positive thoughts to create a unique and revolutionary bottled water. Instead of flavors, Aquamantra currently has three distinct water “mantras” to identify their current line: “I Am Healthy”; “I Am Loved”; “I Am Lucky”.

Aquamantra’s mission is to encourage and remind the consumer that, “You are what you THINK and you are what you DRINK.” By combining affirmations with engaging packaging, each bottle becomes a tool to remind the consumer to think consciously about being “Healthy,” “Lucky” and/or “Loved.” The best part about this product is that it’s NOT a gimmick.there is valuable documented science to back it up.

Teklak saw the popular movie “What The Bleep Do We Know,” which was released in 2004, and the messages in this film initiated the idea that changed her life. The movie is a docu-drama which includes eight world-renowned scientists who discuss the underlying quantum uncertainties of our world and identify how reality is created by us with every thought we have. Dr. Masaru Emoto, who was featured in the movie, has conducted extensive research over the past nine years with dramatic results of how thoughts and words written on the containers of water can affect the molecular structure of water. By utilizing a very high-powered microscope, Dr. Emoto has photographically documented the changes as seen in his book series, “Hidden Messages in Water.”

Based on this premise, Aquamantra combined Emoto’s theories, Quantum Physics, affirmations and beautifully crafted packaging to create a unique line of bottled water that truly emanates Health, Love and Luck. Science states that “information travels on waves of energy,” Aquamantra states that the affirmations are the information and the water is the energy. “If you are drinking ‘I Am Healthy’ it’s because you are resonating with the energy to be healthy,” says Teklak. The exquisite simplicity of combining Positive Mental Attitude and Natural Spring Water, was a no-brainer for excited and passionate Teklak as she began this journey to stimulate her soul.

“I love the Aquamantra Water. It is refreshing and sweet! I love the mantras and consciously absorbing such thoughts and surrounding myself with such positive energy. I proudly take my water places to showoff this amazing product.” – Poppy Moore, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

The intricate packaging of each of the three bottles also incorporates dreamy artwork from local Orange County artists that drive the interpretation of these “messages in a bottle.” Aquamantra pledges a portion of their profits to different charitable organizations. “It’s vital that our consumers take part in this process,” says Teklak. Consumers can consciously choose which charities they want to support, details can be found at The website is created as a portal of information and insight about this amazing concept, the science and a community to learn more about how you truly are what you think.

Aquamantra’s President, Sandra Hoyle, a certified Guided Imagery Therapist of five years says, “I have seen many, many powerful results by utilizing subconscious messages to affect positive change in someone’s life.” Aquamantra is receiving an overwhelming response of eagerness by consumers prior to the official release. It seems that what people think, does matter. Inspiring the mind Aquamantra truly does stimulate the soul.