Jolly Rancher Soda Exports to Mexico


San Diego, CA, June 7, 2006 – Liquid Brands Management, Inc. exported Jolly Rancher Soda to Mexico to be distributed to convenience stores and supermarkets through Wholesale Distributors in Tijuana and Mexicali, Mexico.


Mexico is the second largest consumer of beverages per capita and the second largest producer of soda in the world. Mexico consumes 15,900 million liters of soda per year. It is a great opportunity for any soda or beverage to expand distribution or export to Mexico.

“We are extremely lucky to export soda to Mexico” said Carlos Lopez, managing director of Liquid Brands Management, Inc. “It is a tough soda market to get into and even more difficult when you consider the 20% sugar tax imposed on all sodas exported to Mexico”. Carlos Lopez continued by saying that the reason Mexican Distributors embraced the new Beverage was because of its name brand recognition within the Mexican population.

Jolly Rancher Soda is a new soda introduced to the Beverage Industry last year. It comes in 5 flavors in 20 oz plastic bottles. In the USA it’s being sold in convenience stores through beverage distributors. Full product specifications and distribution information is available on

Liquid Brands Management, Inc. is a Sales, Marketing and Consulting company for the Beverage Industry. It is currently selling Jolly Rancher Soda in the USA and in Mexico. You can learn more about the company at

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