Something Old, Something New, Nothing Borrowed and it’s Blue!


Orangeburg, NY, July 2006 – This July, New Leaf will release the one and only line of Blue Tea releasing two new flavors, Blue Tea with Lemon and Blue Tea with Raspberry. The new Blue Tea line continues with New Leaf’s all natural tradition, sweetened with evaporated cane juice, and only 70 calories per serving.
What the Heck is Blue Tea you ask? The Tea Masters of Ancient China Recognized six tea families each classified by a different color. Oolong Tea is known as blue tea because in it’s dried leaf form it has a bluish reflection. As usual New Leaf is a “good for you” beverage that not only looks great, but tastes phenomenal as well.

“We are the one and only RTD tea to market a line of Blue Teas,” says Eric Skae, Founder and Developer of New Leaf Beverages. “Our latest development will be a treat for retailers and consumers alike. Our new additions will shake up the market with something delicious and healthy.”

Oolong tea is partially fermented for greater flavor. Health benefits of Oolong tea include the aiding in digestion, acid neutralization, lowering cholesterol, burning calories and it contains antioxidants among many other reported benefits. This Blue Tea will not only pack in the flavor but has many added benefits.

Packaged in its trademark sophisticated glass bottle with leaf embossment at the neck, New Leaf has used a Shrink Sleeve label for it’s latest offerings. Featuring the words “Blue Tea” front and center against a vibrant blue background and additional effervescent colors depicting their respective flavors New Leaf will jump out on the shelf. “The packaging is new and refreshing,” says Eli Trujillo, Director of Sales at New Leaf Tea.

New Leaf Blue Tea will be available this July at specialty, gourmet, health and fine retail stores.

About New Leaf: New Leaf is an all natural line of teas sweetened with evaporated cane juice. New Leaf is offered in ten delicious flavors of green, white and now blue tea including White Tea Strawberry, White Tea Tangerine, White Tea Honey and Ginseng, White Tea Honeydew Melon, White Tea Grapefruit, Green Tea Plum, Green Tea Ginseng, Blue Tea Lemon, and Blue Tea Raspberry. New Leaf is currently available specialty, gourmet, health and other fine retailers throughout the Midwest and East Coast.

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