vitaminwater heads back to school this fall in kid-friendly size


@@img1whitestone, ny (september 2006) – with the nation’s childhood obesity epidemic at an all-time high, parents and school officials will be happy to know there is finally a “school approved” beverage that isn’t loaded with sugar (like juices), sodium (like sports drinks) or artificial sweeteners (like diet sodas and other diet drinks).

this fall, vitaminwater®, the “cool kid” of healthy beverages, will be heading back to school in a 12-ounce size, making the natural, nutrient-enhanced water the perfect choice for kids of all ages.

since the product came to market more than six years ago, vitaminwater has received straight a’s from parents who have searched far and wide for a healthy beverage that their kids actually like to drink. the 12-ounce launch comes at a time when most beverage companies, in response to the obesity epidemic, are swapping out sugar for artificial sweeteners, which, among other things, increase cravings for sweets.

“we’re excited to be able to offer a smaller version of vitaminwater which our consumers have been telling us they’re looking for,” said j. darius bikoff, founder and ceo, glacéau. “in addition to fitting perfectly in the school lunch box, it provides nutrients that many kids aren’t getting enough of in their diets.”

the 12-ounce bottle will be available in four of the top vitaminwater varieties, power-c (the label is themed around our roster of athlete partners), revive, essential and focus (the label is themed around our partnership with kelly clarkson), and will be sold in single-serve bottles (srp $.99) and four-packs (srp $3.99). the 12-ounce will be available immediately in cvs, safeway, and schools nationwide.

about glacéau
formed in 1996, we are the creator of the enhanced water category and maker of vitaminwater®, fruitwater® and smartwater®. glacéau is all about “keeping it real,” and we use only natural flavors and colors in our products. (why would you do it any other way, really?) today more than five million bottles of glacéau products are sold every day to thirsty people like you. proof that when you put a better product on the market, people respond. for more information visit