Penta Water to Be the Healthy Water Choice for Third Season of NBC’s Hit Weight Loss Reality TV Show, The Biggest Loser

Penta(R) water (, one of world’s purest drinking waters, will again be hydrating the contestants of NBC’s hit weight loss reality show, The Biggest Loser, starting Wednesday, September 20.

In its third season, The Biggest Loser is the first reality series in which everybody wins by “losing.” The show, hosted by Caroline Rhea (“Sabrina the Teenage Witch”), challenges and encourages overweight participants to undergo physical makeovers in a safe manner, without any kind of surgery, through comprehensive diet and exercise as they compete for a grand prize of $250,000.

“Penta is all about health and we’re excited that Penta water will play an important part in the overall dietary, health and fitness regimens for the contestants on the show,” said Penta founder William D. Holloway.

Incorporating water into one’s diet is critical. In fact, each of the top five diet books on the New York Times’ Best Seller list advocate drinking plenty of water. Recent research has further identified that drinking several glasses a day helps keep you satiated, flushes metabolic waste products from the body, and transports nutrients to help digestion and your metabolism.

Matt Hoover, the Season 2 winner of The Biggest Loser, commented on incorporating Penta water into his diet. “While it’s important to drink a lot of water, especially when trying to lose weight, I found it equally important to drink the purest water. We drank Penta during the competition and I didn’t get the bloating feeling I had experienced with other waters. By integrating Penta into my daily diet routine, I found my eating habits became more balanced; I had more energy, and I was able to keep my weight loss on track.”

Regularly scheduled to air Wednesdays 9-10 p.m. ET, The Biggest Loser 3 premiere — which will feature the intro-duction of new The Biggest Loser trainer Kim Lyons — will be a two-hour event Wednesday, September 20, 8-10 p.m. ET. The show will resume its normal 1-hour format, Wednesdays 9-10 p.m. ET effective October 4.

Penta ultra-purified premium drinking water is possibly the world’s purest drinking water. It undergoes a rigorous 13-step, 11-hour purification and patented physics process, which not only purifies the water, but also helps improve its absorption characteristics. The .5-liter Penta SKU has been the top-selling bottled water item in health food stores since 2002 (SPINSscan). Penta is produced by Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc. in a state-of-the-art bottling facility in Carlsbad, California.