airforce Nutrisoda Lifts Off with New 4-packs


@@img1MINNEAPOLIS, (Nov. 14, 2006) – airforce ® Nutrisoda® will start shipping four-packs of their popular 8.4 oz single serve cans in December, 2006. Each of Nutrisodas seven flavors will be available in these compact and convenient flight packs. The leader in nutrient enhanced sodas, Nutrisoda contains zero sugar, zero sodium, zero aspartame, and zero to few calories.

“The new airforce Nutrisoda flight pack is a great way to help retail sales take off,” says Joe Heron, president and CEO for Ardea Beverage Company. “It’s a better value for retail customers and a higher ring at the register. Plus it’s more convenient, because it will decrease time needed to restock. Nutrisoda is not only good to drink, it’s good for you, and it’s good for sales. We’re the good sodaT”

The Nutrisoda flight packs will be available for each of the seven delicious, natural fruit flavors: Immune, Calm, Focus, Radiant, Flex, Energize and Slender. Nutrisodas use natural colors and water filtered four times for extra purity. The packaging will mirror the rich and dazzling array of colors that reflect each lightly carbonated flavor. The versatile packaging will make them easy to grab and go, for people on the fly. Intelligent packaging for intelligent refreshment.

About airforce® Nutrisoda®
Introduced in 2003, airforce Nutrisoda, targets on-the-go, nutritionally-aware, fashion conscious people who also enjoy new experiences and discovering new products. Each of the seven flavors within the portfolio feature striking packaging and contain leading edge nutrients formulated to achieve a specific wellness benefits. The products have zero sugar, zero aspartame, zero sodium and zero to few calories.

airforce® Nutrisoda® is available nationwide at select retail stores including SuperTarget, fine grocers, national airports, hotels, cruise lines, restaurants, clubs, spa locations and online. With a strong commitment to Dress for Success and other non-profit community organizations dedicated to social causes, airforce Nutrisoda tastes good, looks good, and does good. It’s the good soda.

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