Peak Performance With PeptoPro


@@img1California-based NutriBev Science, an affiliate of Nationwide Beverage Bottling Inc, has announced the launch of great tasting sports drinks containing PeptoPro®, the award winning protein hydrolysate from DSM Food Specialties. Available in ready-to-drink format, RADT Endurance and RADT Recovery are a delicious way for athletic individuals to reap the benefits of combined protein and carbohydrate beverages.

“We believe that the form of protein in a sports beverage is critical to its functionality,” comments Anthony Aloia PhD, vice president of R&D, Nutribev science. “Some protein drinks can be overloaded with large protein molecules which can be hard to digest. PeptoPro is different. PeptoPro’s unique solubility, pleasant taste, and peptide content which enhances assimilation into the body, convinced us to develop RAD sports drinks. PeptoPro provides the energy during exercise and the amino acids necessary for enhanced muscle repair and recovery after exercise.”

The two RAD beverages contain 6.25 and 12.5 grams of PeptoPro protein respectively and are designed to be consumed before, during and immediately after exercise to harness the exceptional benefits of DSM’s performance protein. PeptoPro is a unique casein digestion product consisting of small di- and tri- peptides (two and three amino acids units) that are almost immediately absorbed and assimilated into the body, considerably faster than whole proteins, which require time for the body to digest.

“We are delighted to be working with NutriBev Science on this new range of sports beverages,” comments Reto Rieder, National Accounts Manager, PeptoPro. “Thanks to PeptoPro’s improved palatability and proven performance, it is now possible for everyone to benefit from great tasting, protein-based sports beverages which have been shown to significantly shorten the recovery phase after exercise and reduce muscle damage.”

RADT protein sports drinks were scientifically formulated to rehydrate, as well as provide energy in the form of protein and carbohydrates, supplying electrolytes to replace those lost during exercise. They contain 5.5% carbohydrate per bottle, primarily in the form of Dextrose, a rapidly absorbed source of energy to provide a high rate of assimilation into the body, as well as sufficient levels of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. The addition of protein to carbohydrate sports drinks can reduce the biochemical breakdown of muscle tissue to release amino acids needed for glycogen re-synthesis that occurs immediately after exercise.

RAD beverages are currently available from