Republic of Tea and LUNA Launch Iced Tea for Women

NOVATO, CALIF., (February 20, 2007) – Two San Francisco Bay Area brands — The Republic of Tea and LUNA — collaborate to create the first line of organic bottled Nutritional Iced Tea For Women.

Nutritional Iced Tea For Women is brewed from the finest organic tea, has just 50 calories per 12-ounce bottle, is made with 70 percent organic ingredients and is all natural (no preservatives). It includes many of the essential nutrients women need everyday for overall health and wellness including folate, calcium and vitamin D, together with the reported values of tea itself.

Nutritional Iced Teas for Women benefits include:

Vitamin B folate: Vitamin B folate (folic acid in fortified foods) helps women of childbearing age reduce the risks of birth defects. It may also lower heart disease and dementia risks.

Calcium: Calcium is an important component of a healthy diet, essential for strong bones and teeth. Calcium requirements must be met throughout a women’s life.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D promotes absorption of calcium and may also have cancer-fighting qualities.

Further, on-going research suggests tea contains anti-oxidant properties can help protect against a range of cancers. Research also suggests tea can increase endurance during exercise by improving fat metabolism and may help the body’s immune system response and boost mental alertness.

Nutritional Iced Teas for Women includes the finest organic black, green, white, red and decaf black teas, expertly blended with vitamins, minerals and a touch of organic evaporated cane juice and comes in five original ready-to-drink flavors: Ginger Currant Black Tea, Lemon Blueberry Decaf Black Tea, Kiwi Strawberry Green Tea, Mandarin Orange White Tea and naturally-caffeine-free Cherry Vanilla Red Tea.

Available March 5, 2007, Nutritional Iced Tea For Women has a suggested retail price of $2.99 per 12 fluid-ounce bottle. The product is available nationwide at select natural and specialty food stores, through the company Web site (, The Republic of Tea’s mail-order catalogue and by calling 800-298-4TEA (832).

The ideal complement to Nutritional Iced Tea For Women is a line of LUNA Tea Cakes, also made with The Republic of Tea’s collection of premium teas and herbs. They are available in three delicious varieties: Vanilla Macadamia for mood balance, Orange Blossom for healthy skin and Berry Pomegranate for longevity. Together, a perfect treat anytime of day. This partnership marks an extension of both brands’ line of products that benefit and nourish the specific needs of today’s on-the-go women.

About Clif Bar & Co.
Clif Bar & Co. ( is a leading maker of all-natural and organic energy and nutrition foods and drinks, including the CLIF BAR energy bar and LUNA, The Whole Nutrition Bar For Women. Focused on great food and sustainability, Clif Bar & Co. works diligently to reduce its footprint on the planet from the field to the final product.

About The Republic of Tea
Founded in 1992 under a charter to start a “Tea Revolution,” The Republic of Tea, leading purveyor of premium teas, is committed to offering only the highest quality teas and herbs, while conducting business in a socially responsible manner. The Republic of Tea’s distinguished collection of teas, herbs, super-premium brewed iced teas and tea-inspired products are available at specialty retailers and restaurants throughout the United States. Signature offerings include: Fair Trade Certified teas, Imperial Republic Teas, white teas, Sip and Go Bottled Iced Teas, tea honey, tea jam, stir fry tea oil, USDA Organic teas, tea ware and a set of varietal glass-bottled iced teas crafted exclusively for fine restaurants. All full-leaf and bagged teas are Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. The Republic of Tea is also a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership.