Something to Cheer About: Cheerwine’s 90th Anniversary Celebration; Salisbury to Host Cheerwine Celebration on May 19

Cheerwine, North Carolina’s original cherry different soft drink, will celebrate its 90thanniversary on May 19 by hosting a celebration in downtown Salisbury, home to Cheerwine.

The event will be held on Easy Street in the heart of the 200 block, just off N. Main Street, from 1 – 6 p.m. and will include local entertainment, activities for families and kids, a Cheerwine burping contest and of course, lots of Cheerwine.

“We invite everyone who loves Cheerwine to join us in celebrating our 90thanniversary,” said Cliff Ritchie, chief executive officer, Cheerwine. “The people of Salisbury, along with our growing fan base from places far and near, have allowed our family business to be successful year after year, so this event is really about them.”

Attendees of the festival will be able to view Cheerwine ads and other memorabilia from 1917 to the present, thanks to the displays of several collectors who will be in Salisbury for the celebration.

Carolina Beverage Corporation was founded in 1917 and originated the Cheerwine and Diet Cheerwine soft drink brands. Nearly 90 years later, Cheerwine is one of the oldest family-owned soft drink businesses in America.

Cheerwine and Diet Cheerwine soft drinks are made and distributed by Carolina Beverage Corporation, which also makes and distributes Blue Mist bottled water and Savage Energy Drink . Carolina Beverage’s products are available in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia as well as parts of the Midwestern U.S. For more information on Cheerwine visit