@@img1 Garden City, NY.  August, 2007 – Lifestyle Beverages, Inc. announced TrimWater’s 20 ounce bottles will display exclusive photography taken by distinguished fashion and lifestyle photographer, Kal Yee. Kal, one of the most exhibited photographers in the world, shot a full series of images to be featured on TrimWater’s new line of enhanced water beverages. In addition to the new labels, TrimWater is introducing the much anticipated Blueberry-Pear flavor and announcing a new kosher formula for all eight flavors.

“Kal is an exceptionally talented individual with an innate ability to capture a story, idea and thought through the lens of his camera,” said David Sackler, CEO of Lifestyle Beverages.  “Our new bottles displaying the images from Kal have been created in combination with our announcement of Blueberry-Pear and kosher formula. His experience in still photography and previous work with nutritional brands made it easy for us in electing him as our photographer.”

Kal Yee has spent over fifteen years as a premier physique and fashion photographer. He has published two successful photo books, Perfect Form and Perfect Face, which have received much recognition from fashion directors and photographers from around the world. Kal has also served three years as the head creative director for EAS Sports Nutrition. His innovative photography has been seen in the Luxor, Rio and Sahara hotels in Las Vegas. Kal has photographed many celebrities including Rod Stewart, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Mickey Rourke. His work includes over 175 posters, 90 national calendars, 100 fitness covers and hundreds of editorial pages and ads that have been profiled in GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Playboy. 

“TrimWater is an excellent beverage that is both refreshing and tastes great, making it easy to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle with its low calorie and sugar formula,” said Yee. “ Working with the TrimWater family on this shoot was a great experience; it was a very collaborative effort with all of us pitching in and sharing ideas to produce the imagery that very much compliments the TrimWater line of beverages.”

TrimWater’s nutritionally enhanced water provides consumers with an invigorating, thirst quenching beverage without the extra calories, sugars, additives and preservatives.  TrimWater’s low calorie, low sugar formula contains only a fraction of the sugar and calories found in other enhanced flavored bottled beverages, with less caffeine per serving than leading sodas and less sugar than most juices.  TrimWater is also specially formulated with natural ingredients to aid in weight maintenance, providing consumers a healthier choice without compromising taste.

TrimWater is owned and operated by Lifestyle Beverages Inc. of Garden City, New York The product line includes eight refreshing flavors—BLUEBERRY-PEAR, Pomegranate-CRANBERRY, PINK GRAPEFRUIT-HONEY, BLACK CHERRY-BLACKBERRY, LEMON-CITRUS, RASPBERRY-VANILLA, PASSIONFRUIT-BERRY and PEACH-MANGO packaged in individual 20 oz. bottles retailing from $1.50 – $2.50.  TrimWater is also available online.  For more information, visit

About Lifestyle Beverages, Inc.

Lifestyle Beverages, Inc. is one of the nation’s fastest growing enhanced water beverage companies, headquartered in Garden City, New York.   The company created a low-sugar and low-calorie beverage called TrimWater, to help promote healthy beverage choices for consumers.  The product line provides consumers with a healthier beverage, for every lifestyle, that does not sacrifice taste or enjoyment.  First distributed in 2006 in local New York stores, TrimWater is now available at retail outlets, food and specialty stores, and convenience stores.  For more information, please visit or contact 866.814.9222.

About Kal Yee

Kal has spent over fifteen years as one of the primary body/fashion photographers on the West Coast. In addition to his two photo books, Perfect Form and Perfect Face, Kal has photographed over 175 posters; 90 national calendars; 100 fitness covers and hundreds of editorial pages and ads (His ads and editorials have appeared in GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Playboy, etc.). Kal conceptualizes and coordinates the entire photo shoot: arranging models, hair/make-up artists, location and stylist; and oversees post production, including the direction of retouching and layout. For more information please visit or contact 213.687.7720.