Redux Beverages re-launches Cocaine Energy Drink



Cocaine Energy Drink returned to
the market this week with a new social networking site and strong sales. @@img

“Within 48 hours, every bit of
drink (from our re-launch production run) was gone,” said Jamey Kirby, founder
of Redux, the company that makes Cocaine Energy Drink.

Redux voluntarily pulled the
drink from shelves in June 2007 after receiving a warning letter from the Food
and Drug Administration that disapproved of Redux’s marketing campaign for the

Redux initially marketed
the energy drink as the “legal alternative,” and referred to the company’s
distributors as “dealers.” Kirby said the company has since scrubbed most drug
references from the drink’s marketing campaign – though Redux still refers to one
of the brands extensions as “cut.”

Kirby said Redux planned
to bring the product back “as soon as we pulled it off the shelf last year.”

“The demand never died.
We still received thousands of emails while we were off the shelf,” Kirby said.

The re-launched drink
comes in 8.4 oz. cans, with three varieties: Original, Cut and Free. The
original version is a red, cinnamon-based energy drink that packs 280 mg of
caffeine. Other ingredients include taurine, inositol, B vitamins, L-Carnitine,
D-Ribose and guarana. The Cut version has the cinnamon flavor removed, while
the Free version is sugar-free.

Redux’s new marketing
campaign for Cocaine Energy Drink includes a social networking site. Kirby said
the site would allow the company to both collect demographic information on
Cocaine consumers and sell advertising space.

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