Skylarhaley announces the latest flavor in it’s range of bestselling beverages

Pleasanton, CA February 14, 2008 – Innovative food and beverage company Skylarhaley unveils the newest flavor in its award winning line of essn beverage – spakling mango and passion fruit juice.  A perfect blend of sweet and tropical essense, the 100% juice drink is packed with intense natural flavor and contains no preservatives, additives, or artificial sweeteners.  The refreshing juice effortlessly fuses the taste of rich, ripened mango and the unique tartness of passion fruit.  "We’re proud to include another exciting flavor in our diverse selection of essn juice drinks," comments Peter Vermeulen, Skylarhaley’s Executive Vice President.  "essn is the new essential, fulfilling a consumer need for a fresh and exciting beverage made with choice, varietal fruits."

essn is the nation’s first all-natural sparkling juice beverage that combines the pure essence of exotic fruits with a light-effervesce-to just the right degree.  Packaged in vibrant, sleek 8.4 oz. bullet cans, essn juices are also offered in five other distinctive variaties:  fuji apple, meyer lemon, blood orange & cranberry, minneola tangerine, and sparkling pomegranate and montmorency cherry.  The sophisticated flavors serve as both versatile cocktail mixers and delicious alternatives to soda.  essn drinks are available at select Safeway, Albertson’s, and Jamba Juice stores and Kroger’s Southwest.