Prime time for Tava


PURCHASE, N.Y., February 26, 2008 – Don’t believe those who say you can’t have it all? Tava, the zero-calorie sparkling beverage inspired by distinctive fruit flavors that is hitting stores this month, proves you can. 

@@img “There has never been a beverage before quite like Tava,” says Frank Cooper, vice president of flavored carbonated soft drinks, Pepsi-Cola North America. “Tava allows consumers to say YES to a flavorful, vitamin enhanced beverage while they say NO to calories and caffeine.  The discerning consumer no longer needs to compromise.” 

Tava is enhanced with Vitamins E, B6, Niacin and Chromium, while free of calories and caffeine.  Targeting “primetimers”– men and women between the ages of 35 and 49 — Tava offers taste that does not overwhelm the palate.  It is available in Mediterranean Fiesta, a black cherry citrus; Tahitian Tamure, a tropical berry blend; and Brazilian Samba, which mixes passionfruit, pineapple and lime. 

“The Tava brand stretches traditional soft drink boundaries,” Cooper explains.  “It offers a unique value proposition that combines beneficial ingredients with sophisticated flavor blends and helps with weight management.  In fact, the product scored well above average in consumer testing among the Primetimer audience.  They want to explore and discover new things but are also acutely aware of the amount of calories they consume.  Tava allows them to have a calorie-free beverage experience that is rooted in the fun of bubbles.” 

The flavors in Tava take their inspiration from the most intriguing fruits the world has to offer and each tells an exotic story of its own: 

Mediterranean Fiesta: Imagine a party at which black cherry, tangerine and lime meet and mingle. Only Tava could host such a festive gathering. 

Tahitian Tamure: Consider a native dance created to tell one of Tava’s tales…such as the time tropical berry tones, tangerine tings and lime notes came together as one. 

Brazilian Samba: Feel the rhythm that builds when the complex harmonies of passionfruit, hints of pineapple and drops of lime weave a vibrant Tava melody. 

The end result is a satisfying beverage experience unmatched on shelves and coolers across the U.S. 

Tava is rolling out nationally in February in 16.9-oz. PET bottles (suggested retail price: $1.49) and sleek 12-oz. can 4-packs (suggested retail price: $2.99).  For more information, visit