TALON ENERGY Wins 2008 American Packaging Design Award

Anaheim, CA – Talon Energy Blood Punch from Fluid Motion Beverage Inc. is to be honored in the March 2008 edition of Graphic Design USA as the recipient of one of the 2007-2008 American Packaging Design Awards. www.TalonEnergy.com 

 “We are very proud of the work of our diverse and talented designers, illustrators and creative directors involved with the Talon Blood Punch design,” says Paul Tecker, President of Fluid Motion Beverage Inc.  “This was a very collaborative effort.  To bring authenticity to the edgy Talon brand target, one tattoo artist illustrated the Talon bird icon and another tattoo artist crafted the tribal style lettering on each side of the can.”  Both of the young artists work in traditional tattoo shops and did not want to do anything too “commercial.”  They did however like the authenticity of the Talon Energy drink concept and seemed genuinely excited about the opportunity to break out and share their talents in a new medium.  Much of the credit also goes to our traditional package designers and art directors, who skillfully brought all the elements together.”   

One of the most interesting design features is the dripping blood, which oozes from the top of the can.  “The 3D dripping blood illustration is a fun and impactful way to communicate the products’ unique fruit punch and natural blood orange flavor blend.”  Blood oranges look similar to traditional oranges on the outside however, on the inside its blood like juice can be quite a shock.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_orange  “This image along with its unique flavor seemed to be perfect for the type of product we wanted to create.  In fact, the novel “Blood Punch” name has become so popular with our customers that we have decided to seek registered trademark status.” said Tecker.                 

About the American Packaging Design Award:  Selected from over 1,000 entries by a nationwide panel of judges, all of whom are creative professionals hailing from leading graphic design and advertising firms, the American Graphic Design Award is one of the most respected in the industry. Acknowledging only a small percentage of its applicants, these awards showcase the most innovative and creative packaging designs created by designers from all walks of life. The American Package Design Awards recognize that, in this era, great packaging and in-store graphics are increasingly the “difference maker” in consumer perception and behavior, and in successful outcomes for manufacturers and retailers.  Graphic Design USA has been one the nation’s leading magazines for professional graphic designers and has been sponsoring design competitions for nearly four decades. 

About Fluid Motion Beverage Inc. Fluid Motion Beverage Inc. www.FluidMotionBev.com  is a small but up and coming beverage company dedicated to creating and marketing world class beverage brands.  Fluid Motion is also in the business of creating exclusive brands for select specialty retailers and distributors looking to fill niches left untapped by mass marketed beverages.