Penta(R) Water Company Re-enters Market with New Look, New Feel and New Findings

CARLSBAD, Calif., March 10 /PRNewswire/ — The Penta Water Company ( ), maker of Penta, a leading premium bottled water brand in the natural foods channel, today announced a reintroduction into the water category with new packaging, a new brand image campaign, a new e-commerce site, a new advertising campaign and the release of a scientific study. The new e-commerce site will go live on March 14, for Expo West, the Natural Food Show in Anaheim, CA and the new bottles will be in stores April 1.

The study, conducted by world renowned dermatologist Dr. Jean Krutmann and the Environmental Health Research Institute showed that human skin cells cultured in Penta water had significantly less damage from ultraviolet radiation than skin cells cultured in plain water. This lends itself to the belief that Penta water may have anti-oxidative and anti-aging effects. To further validate the claim that Penta may act as an antioxidant or may facilitate antioxidant activity, Penta has commissioned The University of California, Davis to carry out additional studies regarding the hydration characteristics, antioxidant characteristics and anti-aging characteristics of Penta water.

“This is an exciting time at Penta. This study gives proof as to why our loyal customers have always claimed that Penta water gave them more energy and made them feel their best.” said Dennis O’Brien, CEO of Penta. “Along with the new packaging, new branding, the launch of our new site, and the new ad campaign, Penta is looking to expand beyond our already loyal customer base.” Penta Water has been the brand of choice for athletes, celebrities and key influencers in the health and wellness field since its launch in the natural food channel.

Penta has retained Circle One Marketing Solutions of Norwalk, CT to handle the creative execution behind the re-branding and the advertising campaign. Penta hopes to expand its traction with women 35-50 who care about their health and are active. The new branding will encompass the wellness lifestyle and focus on the antioxidant and anti-aging characteristics of the water. The price point, one of the highest in the category, will remain at $1.99 for 500ml and $2.99 for 100ml.

About Penta

Penta is pure energized water with no additives that fully hydrates and may provide extra antioxidant protection. Penta’s state of the art purification system and patented cavitation process cleans the water more rigorously than any other water, enhances its absorption characteristics and creates water that may facilitate antioxidant activity. Penta is produced by The Penta Water Company in a state-of-the-art bottling facility in Carlsbad, California. Currently, Penta is sold nationwide in approximately 4,500 natural food stores and over 3,000 grocery stores. For more information, visit