SGN Nutrition Launches Vita System, Vita System ENERGY drinks

CARLSBAD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–(Natural Products Expo West, Booth # 1995) SGN Nutrition, the company dedicated to providing the highest quality nutritional products using the best available all-natural ingredients, today announced the launch of their new Vita System and Vita System ENERGY drinks. Unlike many other drinks and waters supposedly containing healthy ingredients, one serving of Vita System not only tastes great, but contains five times the vitamins and minerals of the closest competitor, with no sugar and thus, no calories.

We wanted to create a product that tasted unbelievable, and also gave people the nutrition they need, said Anthony Misner, CEO of SGN Nutrition. Vita System is the result. It has great nutritional value and does a lot for the health of the body in the face of todays problems with poor nutrition and obesity. At the same time it is great-tasting and very refreshing; we know from our research that people will not sacrifice taste for nutrition, and with Vita System, people can have both.

Extensive testing.

Vita System is the result of two years of development and product testing to find just the right balance of nutritional efficacy and outstanding taste. SGN Nutrition worked extensively with the countrys best flavor consultants to produce a product that would be beneficial to health as well as flavorful and refreshing.

Vita System contains fresh, individually sealed vitamins and minerals that have not, like some competitive products, gone through a hot-fill process of 180 degrees, which kills the efficacy of the vitamins. The Vita System Vitamin and Mineral formula includes 100% of essential ingredients for daily adult health such as Vitamins A, C, E, B3, B6, B12, and D3, as well as minerals and nutrients such as Calcium, Magnesium, Chromium, Selenium, Biotin and Molybdenum. The formula also contains healthy amounts of other vitamins and minerals recommended for health, such as Folic Acid, Potassium, Lycopene and Lutein. The fresh and individually-sealed aspect of the vitamins and nutrients in Vita System preserves their efficacy due to their ability to be more efficiently absorbed by the body than those contained in the average multi-vitamin pill. Vitamin pills are often full of fillers to increase their size, contain binders to glue the ingredients together, and are coated with a hard shellac. The top three competitive vitamin pills are composed of up to 60% fillers, binders, coloring, wax, lubricant, and coating, all of which serve no nutritional purpose.

Environmental health, too.

The powdered drink mix, which is offered in a choice of Orange Citrus and Mixed Berry flavors, is sold in individual packs which can be poured into the accompanying reusable 19-ounce bottle and mixed with filtered or tap water. The inclusion of the bottle follows the ideals of SGN Nutrition, which not only strives to develop products that help people be healthier, but also hopes to have an impact on peoples attitudes toward the environment.

People in the U.S. consume more packaged drinks per capita than any other country, said Clegg Hubbell, Director of Business Development for SGN Nutrition. Unfortunately, very few of those containers, be they cans or plastic bottles, make it into a recycling bin. With Vita System, people can buy our powder mix, shake it up in the bottle with some water and they are good to go. With our system, people can use just one bottle per month, as opposed to 30 cans or plastic bottles. Were helping them develop not only healthier habits for themselves, but also for the environment.

Vita System is also available as Vita System Vitamin and Mineral ENERGY formula, which, compared to other energy drinks, offers ten times the vitamins and minerals, while still providing an energy boost. Vita System ENERGY also has a pleasant-tasting Orange Citrus or Tropical Berry flavor, and again eschews calories and sugar for fresh vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed. Vita System Vitamin and Mineral ENERGY formula is also packaged with a reusable bottle.

Vita System Vitamin and Mineral formula will have an average retail cost of $.70 per serving, and Vita System ENERGY formula will have an average retail cost of $.80 per serving. Both prices are very affordable compared to competitive products. The Vita System powdered drink mixes will be showcased at the Natural Products and Expo West to be held in Anaheim, CA March 14-16, 2008.

About SGN Nutrition

SGN Nutrition is a privately held company that develops and sells innovative, progressive, and natural nutritional supplements. Since initiating operations in August 2004, SGN Nutrition has become a rapidly growing nutritional supplement company. SGN Nutrition has a simple goal: to create the highest quality nutritional supplements utilizing current day scientific research. Studies have shown a rapid decline in the overall health of humans due to the consumption of foods low in nutrients. SGN Nutrition develops proprietary formulas that help individuals easily acquire nutrients and optimize their health. SGN Nutrition is headquartered in Carlsbad, California and distributes their products internationally.