Retailers Sign on to Sell the New HEALTHYCAL+ Water Beverage – Even Before First Bottle is Packaged

FITCHBURG, Mass., March 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Integrated Pharmaceutical, Inc.(OTC:INTP)(BULLETIN BOARD: INTP) announced today that it is taking orders for its new no calorie, electrolyte enhanced water-beverage, highly fortified with 100% absorbable Calcium and Magnesium, called HEALTHYCAL+. The first bottles are expected to be filled in April, 2008.

Sales representatives report more than 40 advanced sales from retail stores in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Even before HEALTHYCAL+ has come to market, a beverage distributor with approximately 600 stores has verbally agreed to carry it in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Agreements with other distributors are being sought and anticipated shortly.

High demand for HEALTHYCAL+ is anticipated based on overwhelming, positive results of numerous surveys, including one by KELTON RESEARCH, a prestigious market research company. KELTON surveyed 835 people and reported that 71% of men and 88% of women were very interested in buying HEALTHYCAL+ bottled water because it provides 100% absorbable calcium and magnesium in pure tasting water, without adding calories or sweeteners. Other formal and informal surveys conducted also suggest a high demand for this product especially with adults over 35 years of age who are concerned about strong bones, teeth and a healthy heart.

No Calories or Sweeteners: The ability to fortify pure water with high amounts of minerals without altering its taste demonstrates the power of IntePharm’s technology. Other foods and beverages can benefit too. HEALTHYCAL+ offers a solution to consumers who do not get enough Calcium or Magnesium in their diet, know that supplement pills have poor absorption rates and prefer drinking water to beverages high in calories with flavoring masks. Numerous doctors, university studies and scientific institutions have addressed the benefits of adding minerals to soft water but the technology to do so, without altering taste, has been lacking. HEALTHYCAL+ does it.

The market is there. In 2007, sales of health and energy beverages grew 45%. “In 2008, we are pleased to offer the consumers the ‘next big thing’. Consumers may even save money as they adjust their water and supplement-buying habits when drinking HEALTHYCAL+,” said Peter Featherston, IntePharm’s CEO and President.

HEALTHYCAL+ demonstrates IntePharm’s advanced, proprietary technology to develop highly-pure mineral powders used to fortify foods and beverages, in this case, pure water. Every 20 ounce bottle of HEALTHYCAL+ contains Electrolytes and up to 175mg of Calcium and 17mg of Magnesium. Retailers and distributors interested in carrying HEALTHYCAL+ should contact Featherston at 203-858-8751 or the Sales Department at 978-696-0020 ext. 331.

About IntePharm

IntePharm is an emerging producer of specialty compounds for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and functional food industries. In addition to making products, IntePharm discovers and develops more efficient and cost- effective manufacturing processes. These processes are developed using a comprehensive technology platform that combines metabolic engineering, cellular genetics, advanced bioprocess engineering, and computer simulation science. The company owns numerous pending patents for new products and technologies for immediate commercialization in food, beverages and nutritional products market.