Nestle Waters North America co-sponsors project wet

Bentonville, Ark., 20 March, 2008 – On March 28, 2008, 360 fourth
grade students from Centerton Gamble, Central Park, R.E. Baker, and
Sugar Creek elementary schools in the Bentonville School District will
attend Make a Splash with Project WET Sustainability 360
Festival at Old Tiger Stadium on Tiger Boulevard. Students will
participate in six hands-on, interactive, fun activities learning about
water quality, pollution prevention, the water cycle, watershed
protection, erosion reduction, and water use and its management. The
event is sponsored by Wal-Mart, Nestlé Waters North America (Nestlé
Pure Life, Ozarka), Cargill, Del Monte Foods, and JohnsonDiversey.

“One of Project WET’s core beliefs is that an awareness of, and respect
for, water resources can encourage a personal, lifelong commitment of
responsibility and positive community participation. One of the ways we
seek to provide students, parents, teachers, and communities with this
knowledge and awareness is through Make a Splash with Project WET
water festivals. Related to this specific Festival, we applaud the
teachers, businesses, and community of Bentonville for their commitment
to water education and the preservation, conservation, and management
of local water resources for future generations,” said Dennis Nelson,
Project WET Foundation President and CEO.

Volunteers from the Arkansas Natural Resource Conservation Services
(NRCS), Wal-Mart, Nestlé Waters North America, and Cargill participated
in a four-hour training in February, becoming familiar with the Project
WET method of teaching. This group of volunteers then will lead
students through the six water-related activities at the Festival on
March 28. Del Monte Foods, Johnson Diversey, the United States
Geological Survey (USGS), and General Mills also will participate on
event day.

Two hundred and twenty-six students will attend a morning session
beginning at 8:50 am and complete six activities by noon; the remaining
112 will attend an afternoon session beginning at 12 noon and complete
the activities by 2:30 pm.

According to Kim Jeffery, President and CEO, Nestlé Waters North
America, “Nestlé Waters North America is committed to the communities
in which we work and live, and the environment that sustains all of us.
Early on, we dedicated ourselves to teaching future generations about
the importance of our water resources and the need to protect and
preserve them. By participating in Project WET activities at this
Festival, today’s students – tomorrow’s leaders – will view water not
only as a shared resource but also as a shared responsibility.”


World Water Day occurs each year in March.

Since 1984, Project WET has developed more than 300 hands-on, fun,
inquiry-based activities, reaching children in 27 countries on 5 continents
with lessons about water and water resources management.

Individual sponsors’ commitments to environmental stewardship and
sustainability can be found on their respective websites.