2008 Expo East: Recap, Photos, and Videos

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The 2008 Expo East Show took place at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from October 15-18, showcasing over 100 beverage companies and their brands. The diversity of new brands at the show was remarkable.

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Best of Show:

  • Steaz  — [VIDEO INTERVIEW] Steaz sampled their new line-up of Organic Iced Teaz. Packaged in 16 oz. cans, the teas are the first full line of organic and fair trade certified iced tea. The six-product line-up in includes four green teas (Peach, Unsweetened Lemon, Blueberry/Pomegranate/Acai, Mint), White Tea with Lime and Pomegranate, and Black Tea with Lemon. Steaz sponsored BevNET’s coverage of Expo East 2008.
  • Adina – [VIDEO INTERVIEW]  Adina has a new look, new slogan (“Drink no evil”), and a more noticeable influence from John Bello (such as the presence of CMO Bruce Burke). The company introduced it’s new “Coffee Energy Drink.”  Uses fair trade Colombian coffee energy line-up in 8 fl oz cans. Available in Mocha Madness, Vanilla Nut Case, Hazelnut Hook Up, Caramel Kick, Double XXPresso.
  • Deluxe Honeydrop – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] A new line of organic honey-infused waters, available in four flavors.  The company is the first of its kind to use organic honey for sweetener and flavor purposes.
  • Zola Acai – Acai juice in newly packaged 12 oz. plastic bottles. Available in Blueberry, Original and Pineapple; Also launching acai-based smoothies in 12 oz. plastic bottles. Available in Antioxidant (Berry Blend), Energy (Tropical Blend) and Immunity (Tangy Tart Blend).
  • Crayons – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] Showed a revamped and noticeably more assertive line-up of functional kids juice drinks. Available in Razzical (Blueberry-Raspberry), Thirst-C (Tickled Pink Lemonade), Buff Bonz (Watermelon and Wild Berries), Super-V (Kiwi Strawberry), D-Fense (Outrageous Orange Mango), and 3PM (Fruit Punch).
  • Gojilania – Brand Storm, Inc. showcased their new — and much more marketable — line of of Goji Berry juice blends. They are available in 10.5 oz. plastic bottles in Goji+Acai, Goji+Pomegranate, Goji+Mangosteen, and Goji+Blueberry.
  • Tizane – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] New line of “herbal infusions” sweetened with agave.  Product aims to be the first in a “new category.”

 Other updates from the show:

  • Alo –   [VIDEO INTERVIEW] This line of all natural aloe vera drinks infused with aloe pulp from SPI West Port, Inc. has just launched Elated (Aloe Vera+Olive Leaf), and Enliven (Aloe Vera+12 fruits and vegetables).
  • Ayala Herbal Water – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] 
  • Barrel Juice – 16 oz. PET line-up made using traditional Senegalese beverage recipes. Available in Bissap (Hibiscus/Sorrel), Light Bissap (less sweet), and Ginger Pineapple.
  • Bionade – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] US packaging is finally here for this German based carbonated soft drink.
  • Biotta – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] a new line of 100 percent organic wellness juices are available in 16.9 oz. glass bottles in the following flavors: Balance Juice (Purification), Beet Juice (Immune System), Breakfast Juice (Energy), Carrot Juice (Vision), Elderberry Juice (Respiratory and Immune Systems), Energy Drink (Energy), Potato Juice (Stomach), Vegetable Juice Cocktail (Immune System), Wellness Juice (Wellness), and Wild Bilberry Juice (Blood Vessels).
  • Blue Sky Café Energy – natural energy coffees from Hansen in 16 oz. cans. Available in Mocha Mountain and Vanilla Sky. 
  • Boylan’s – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] 
  • Cell-nique –  [VIDEO INTERVIEW] has new packaging and graphics across the product line along with the Certified Organic stamp.
  • Ceres – recently launched Ruby Grapefruit and Pomegranate & Lime in 1L tetrapaks.
  • CherryPharm –[VIDEO INTERVIEW] 
  • ChiBerry – Concentrated organic Schizandra Berry dietary supplement in 16 oz. glass bottles of 16 1 oz. servings.
  • Codeblue – 12 oz. electrolyte recovery drink containing reduced glutathione, agave nectar, and prickly pear juice.
  • Cool Soup – a drinkable soup is available in Luscious Carrot Bisque, Creamy Mango Spice, and Rich Vegetable Gazpacho.
  • Cricket Natural Beverages – [VIDEO INTERVIEW]  has launched a new White Peach SKU.
  • Currant C – [VIDEO INTERVIEW]  black current juice has all new packaging and all SKUs are now sweetened with Agave. The product line includes black current juice with Blueberry Nectar, Strawberry-Kiwi, Passion Fruit, Boysenberry, Clementine, and Original.
  • Dahlicious Lassi – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] a slow-cultured Lassi, and a cousin to yogurt, has new packaging and is available in four SKUs including Mango, Blueberry, Banana, and Peach.
  • Dry Soda – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] launched two flavors at the show: Juniper Berry and Vanilla Bean.
  • Earthly Delights – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] launched a new line of Exotic Fruit Teas sweetened with Agave in 16 oz. PET bottles. Currently available in All Natural Pomegranate Tea w/Mangosteen Lemonade, All Natural White Tea w/Pomegranate, Peach & Mango, and Organic Green Tea w/Pomegranate, Blueberry & Acai.
  • E-Drenaline – from Everlast Nutrition, this is a 2 oz. energy shot packed with CoQ10, Green Tea and Grape Seed Extract, currently available in Berry Rush. Citrus Rush is in production along with a line of RTD energy drinks.
  • Elite Naturel –  [VIDEO INTERVIEW]  has added organic Pomegranate Acai Tart Cherry, and organic Pomegranate Green Tea to their portfolio.
  • Essn – [VIDEO INTERVIEW]  from Skylar-Haley recently two SKUS including Mango-Passion and Pomegranate + Montmorency Cherry.
  • Evolve – a new line of 32 oz. Kefir probiotic smoothies containing 11 active cultures, Evolve is available in three SKUs including Peach, Plain, and Strawberry.
  • First Juice –   [VIDEO INTERVIEW]
  • FlavorBrazil – new cupuacu juice in glass bottle. Cupuacu (pronounced cuu-pwah-SUU) is a fruit from the Amazon and a distant cousin of cacao tree.
  • Flavrz – an organic natural concentrated liquid drink mix, sweetened with Agave, launched at the show and is currently available in 16 oz. glass bottles in three flavors: Cherry Berry, Lemon Lime, Tropical. The company is also launching 1 oz. packaging.
  • Froose – a new kids beverage that combines organic whole grains and fruit to create an alternative juice beverage that is low in sugar and a good source of fiber. The brand is available in Playful Peach, Perfect Pear, and Cheerful Cherry.
  • Frutzzo – [VIDEO INTERVIEW]
  • Give Water – [VIDEO INTERVIEW]
  • Goodbelly Probiotic Fruit Drink – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] is now available in Mango along with Black Currant, and Cranberry Watermelon.
  • Guayaki – [VIDEO INTERVIEW]
  • Hank’s – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] will be launching a Rootbeer Float to their Infusions line.
  • Hansen’s Primal Energy Tea – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] 16 oz. cans of energy tea containing green tea, egcg and panax ginseng. Available in Pomegranate, Sugar Free Pomegranate and Amazon Citrus.
  • Havana Beverage – [VIDEO INTERVIEW]
  • High Country Kombucha – new line-up of herbal kombucha teas in 16 oz. glass bottles. Available in Lemon Myrtle, Honeysuckle, Elderberry Hibiscus, Passion Flower and Chai Spice.
  • Inko’s White Tea – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] now available in 64 oz. PET containers in White Peach, Blueberry and Hint o’ Mint.
  • Javaccino – [VIDEO INTERVIEW]
  • Jellyfish Drinks – line-up of tea/juice beverages in 16.9 oz. PET bottles. Available in Green Glow (Green Tea and Lemon), No Worries (Oolong & White Tea with peach juice), Hydro Punch (Cherry & Lemonade), No Brainer ( Green & White Tea with lemon), That ONE (Blue Algae & Spirulina Green Tea), Bell Head (Half & Half Green Tea and Lemonade).
  • Jones Soda – added Blueberry Grape, Kiwi Dragonfruit, Strawberry Lemonade, and Red Grapefruit to their 24C line.
  • Kaboom – [VIDEO INTERVIEW]
  • Katalyst Kombucha –  [VIDEO INTERVIEW] 12 oz. glass line-up of organic, fair trade kombuchas. Available in Schizandraberry, Bliss-Berry, Ginger Devotion, Green Lovin’, Pure Essence.
  • LIV Organics –  [VIDEO INTERVIEW]
  • Live Energy – all natural energy drink donates 50 percent of profits to charity and available in the following: Live Acai Berry (AIDS Research), Live Green Tea (Global Warming), Live Original (Youth Programs), Live Sugar Free (Breast Cancer Research).
  • Luvli Juices –  [VIDEO INTERVIEW]
  • Maine Root – [VIDEO INTERVIEW]
  • Mixerz – is working on launching two new SKUs: Apple-Cider and Sweet and Sour.
  • Modmix – recently launched an organic Wasabi Bloody-Mary mix.
  • Natural hydration – electrolyte-replenishing enhanced drink tabs in 16 tablet containers. Available in Goji Berry Green Tea, Lemon Chai, Tangerine Green.
  • Nectar Juices – from Serbia, has launched multiple product lines including Nectar Life – 100 percent natural fruit juices in 5 SKUs, Life Unique – 100 percent Raspberry Juice, Life Organic – 100 percent Apple Juice, Nectar Plus AntiStress, and Nectar Plus AntiStress 2.
  • New Leaf – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] Showing off recent new flavors — and a prototype of a can.
  • Nui –  [VIDEO INTERVIEW] migrating its line-up of reduced calorie juice-based kid beverages to new EcoPak 10 oz. bottles. Available in Raging Red Cherry, Outrageous Orange, Solid Gold Pineapple-Lemon, Sublime Green Lemon Lime, Booyah! Blue Blueberry-Pomegranate, Purple Power Grape.
  • Oasis Health Break – from A. Lassonde, Inc. Oasis is a new line of 100 percent juice blends with nutrients and available in three SKUs: Pineapple-Banana Orange Prebiotic Fiber, Berry-Pomegranate-Acai Antioxia, and Strawberry-Kiwi Omega-3.
  • One Natural Experience – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] has a launched a 1 L Acai tetra-pak and a Limited Edition Romero Britto designed O.N.E. Coconut Water package available in 11 oz. and 1 L.
  • Ooba – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] sparkling hibiscus beverage in 16 oz. PET bottles. Available in Hibiscus, Hibiscus Lime, and Hibiscus Orange.
  • Oregon Chai – is in the R&D stage for a line of RTD products with a launch date in Q2 2009. The company just launched Peppermint Concentrate to their existing portfolio of Chai Tea Lattes.
  • Owater – Recently tweaked flavors seemed to be getting a very positive response.
  • Phd Probiotic Health Daily – [VIDEO INTERVIEW]16 oz. enhanced/flavored waters which utilize a SmartTop technology to mix a probiotic blend into the bottle immediately prior to consumption. Comes in Citrus Boost and Berry Balance.
  • Project 7 – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] creates products to “change the score” by targeting even critical areas of need in the world. 50 percent of proceeds are given to organizations in these seven areas. The company recently launched a 16.9 oz. bottled water and the line includes Build The Future, Save the Earth, House the Homeless, Hope for Peace, Help Those in Need, Feed the Hungry, and Heal the Sick.
  • Quinoa Gold – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] 
  • Reed’s – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] is launching a new 10.5 oz. Natural Energy Elixir.
  • Rooibee Red Tea – full line of bottled red teas in 12 oz. glass. Available in Sweet, Unsweet, Lemon Honey, Peach, Watermelon Mint, Vanilla Chai, Cranberry Pomegranate.
  • Sambazon – new larger format package for grocery.
  • Simply Orange – recently added Lemonade Raspberry to their portfolio.
  • Smart Juice – organic 100 percent juice brand in 33.8 oz. and single serve glass bottles. Available in Pomegranate, Pomegranate & Tart Cherry, Pomegranate & Purple Carrot, Tart Cherry, Pear, Fig, Apricot Peach, Grape, Apple.
  • Sweet Leaf – [VIDEO INTERVIEW]
  • Sweetylight – a new Yacon Tea from the Yacon plant native to the Andes Mountains will be available in a RTD package.
  • TeaZen – a new decaffeinated white tea 2oz bottle concentrate from Twin Labs offers 60 servings of healthy tea available in Wellness (honey/lemon), Relax (blueberry/raspberry), Rest (vanilla/cinnamon), Immunity (orange), Energize (pomegranate/raspberry) and Beauty (peach).
  • The Simple Kitchen – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] will be launching a Pear and Ginger SKU towards the end Q4 2008.
  • TO Bevy – from Canada is launching organic vodka along with an organic cognac.
  • Totally Organica – 16.9 oz. PET flavored, organic sparkling waters. Available in Green Apple, Mint, Melon, Lemon Lime, Cranberry, Raspberry, Berry, & Pomegranate.
  • Uncle Matt’s Organic Orange Juice – has a new 59 oz. glass bottle.
  • Vita Coco – [VIDEO INTERVIEW]
  • Wyman’s Blueberry Juice – recently launched Wild Blueberry Black Current as well as a 10 oz. PET Wild Blueberry bottle.
  • Zenergize – [VIDEO INTERVIEW] all-natural instant mix tablets expanded its line-up to include Super-V (superfruits (acai & pomegranate) + multivitamin boost).
  • Zico Coconut Water – [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

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