Muscle Milk Light Offers Trans-Fat-Free, Sugar-Free, and Lactose-Free Nutrition in a New 100-Calorie Shake


The industry’s premier protein-enhanced beverage slims down! Muscle Milk Light gets even lighter with 100-Calorie Shakes in a new sugar-free, lower in fat formula than original Muscle Milk Light. The new Muscle Milk Light 100-Calorie Shakes provide an excellent source of protein and nutrition making it ideal for convenient on-the-go nutrition.

“Consumers have become very conscious about monitoring their caloric intake, and that is why we created the 100-Calorie version that also cuts back on fat and sodium, while continuing to provide optimal nutritional benefits. In addition, the 100 calorie category is full of snack foods. We wanted to provide a healthy alternative,” says Nikki Brown, CytoSport VP of Marketing. “Packed with 15 grams of protein, this beverage is enough to help sustain one’s energy throughout the day”.

Muscle Milk Light is designed to promote lean muscle growth, fast recovery from exercise and healthy, sustained energy. Lactose-Free, Muscle Milk Light 100-Calorie shakes are available in Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Mocha Latte, Strawberries ‘n Crème, and Vanilla Crème flavors, and retail for $7.99 per 4 pack at grocery and specialty retailers nationwide.

About CytoSport:
CytoSport, the maker of Muscle Milk, is the largest sport nutrition protein beverage company in the U.S. and offers a complete line of protein-enhanced powders, shakes and bars. Muscle Milk has recently been named the Best Tasting Ready-to-Drink beverage by industry enthusiasts. For more information on Muscle Milk or additional CytoSport products, visit: