Axle Fuel announces partnership agreement with Cerebellum U.S.A Beverages

February 18, 2008 – Keeping with the popularity of its energy drinks, AXLE FUEL ™ Energy Drink today announced that it has come to an agreement with Cerebellum USA Beverages to co-pack and private label Axle Fuel’s newest product, AXLE WATER.

AXLE FUEL™ offers it energy drink in “Bag-in-a-Box”. The AXLE FUEL™ energy drink is made from the highest quality of products. Its ingredients are the same as, or similar to, other canned or bottled energy drinks which include Vitamin B12, C, Caffeine, Taurine, and Glucoronolactone and it has a taste similar to the most popular energy drinks, however, without the after-taste.

According to Al Samson, Founder & CEO of the Axle Fuel, he entered into the agreement with Cerebellum because Cerebellum offers one of the highest quality water products in the market, from ultra-purified water, mountain spring water  to fortified oxygenated spring water. Samson states that water is the body’s natural fuel and that  the partnership with Cerebellum will allow AXLE WATER to be competitive in the ever-growing and emerging water market, by offering a recognizable product and a product that will allow Axle Fuel to stand out from the crowd. According to Samson, the launching of AXLE WATER would not have been possible if it were not for the partnership with Cerebellum Beverages.

Samson states that his company is able to enter into the water market because of the popularity of The AXLE Fuel™ “Bag-in-the-Box” energy drink. Therefore, offering a new product such as the AXLE WATER is very easy because the brand is now recognized among a cross-section of athletes, from motor sports to extreme sports. Samson states that AXLE WATER will allow the company to be more popular with younger athletes and parents looking for an altrenative.  As such, Samson states that the AXLE WATER will soon have its very own web site, where the company will offer the various water related products such as spring water, purified water, flavored water, oxygenated water, and more for all ages.

Based upon the agreement with Cerebellum U.S.A Beverages, Cerebellum will private label and co-pack the various Axle Water products and Axle Fuel Group will assist Cerebellum in the development of a FOCUS MEMORY ENERGY DRINK that will boost the energy of the brain and enhance the focus of the brain and memory retention while at the same time, rejuvenate and energize the body. Samson states that Axle Fuel has the proprietary formulation that will help create the Cerebellum Focus Memory Energy Drink.  Therefore, this joint venture will greatly benefit both companies.