Evian Natural Spring Water Expands Sustainable Development Strategy;

April 22 /PRNewswire/ — This Earth Day Evian(R) Natural Spring Water,
the world’s leading luxury spring water, pronounces its continued
dedication to playing a leading role in sustainable development.
Through the creation of the Evian Water Protection Institute, which
will work in conjunction with the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, the
introduction of the use of recycled plastic (r-PET) to its most popular
bottle sizes and the launch of a new partnership with RecycleBank, Inc.
in the US, Evian carries forward its commitment to the environment.

“Evian first implemented a sustainability strategy decades ago, being the first bottled water to introduce
compactable bottles and incorporating the most efficient methods of
transportation in our shipping process,” said Elio Pacheco, President
of Evian North America. “Evian has always been an exemplary model of
innovative eco-friendly initiatives and continues its commitment to
these efforts with the introduction of our three newest programs.”

Evian Water Protection Institute

newly instated Evian Water Protection Institute will build upon the
brand’s original project with Ramsar, now giving it a global dimension.
The Evian Water Protection Institute’s first three projects will focus
on the La Plata basin in Argentina, Nepal’s Jagadishpur Reservoir in
the heart of the Himalayas and Bung Khong Long Lake in Thailand and
will help these local populations autonomously manage their water
resources in a sustainable fashion.

  Evian is creating the Water Protection Institute as a means to:

  – Help maintain and/or restore wetlands, with the aim of promoting the
    wellbeing of local communities and fair access to resources
  – Develop exchanges of knowledge about sustainable and concerted
    management of water resources
  – Encourage local communities to play a role in the management of wetlands

water is a renewable resource, it still faces many threats that need to
be addressed quickly. The ever-looming danger of water pollution leads
to shortages of potable water across the globe, with developing
countries suffering the brunt of the problem. Protecting wetlands,
which are natural catchment areas and natural freshwater resources,
will naturally help replenish underground aquifers, filter water,
reduce CO2 and help naturally protect against climatic events such as
floods and erosion. Finally, wetlands often also provide a source of
economic development to local communities.

it is estimated that one billion people in the world do not have access
to clean drinking water,” said Pacheco. “Through the best practices
garnered from protecting our own unique resource in Evian, France, we
are committed to sharing this expertise with communities around the
globe where local water resources maybe at risk; and thus help support
their efforts focused on the maintenance and protection of valuable
water resources.”

Recycled PET and RecycleBank

of Evian’s top priorities involves reducing the brand’s environmental
impact. It has focused its efforts on reducing water and energy
consumption, production processes and transport, as well as packaging
— an area that provides an important opportunity to improve the
brand’s impact.

Currently, the 1.5L bottle is
compactable, a design first introduced by Evian. Additionally, Evian
will advance its commitment to eco-friendly innovation by introducing
the use of post-consumer recycled polyethylene terepthalate (r-PET) in
its most popular bottles, the 1L and the 750 mL sizes.

has not only strived to counteract its effect on the environment, but
to truly lessen its footprint on the world by improving our packaging,”
remarked Pacheco.

Evian is the first bottled water
to join the RecycleBank program to motivate households to recycle.
RecycleBank and Evian will achieve this goal through measuring the
amount of recyclables from each participating home and converting the
weight into RecycleBank Reward Points. These Points can be viewed and
redeemed online with more than 400 national and local RecycleBank
Reward Partners.

By offering rewards to households
for their recycling efforts, the RecycleBank program provides Evian
with an outlet to target its like-minded consumers to lessen their
environmental footprint. In addition to minimizing its impact, Evian
has also positioned itself to educate consumers on the benefits of
recycling and protecting our planet.

“Recycling is
an effortless way for consumers to lessen their environmental impact,'”
said Pacheco. “For our loyal customers that are just as committed to
improving their community as we are, we partnered with RecycleBank as a
way to say ‘thank you.'”

Evian’s History in Sustainable Development

first partnered with the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in 1998 with the
creation of the Danone Evian Water Fund. Evian’s support of Ramsar
helps the Convention to communicate the need to protect wetlands, apply
in actual situations the fundamental principle of the rational use of
water resources and promote significant achievements in this field
(Ramsar Evian Prizes).

In addition to its
longstanding relationship with Ramsar, Evian also initiated the APIEME
(Association Protection Impluvium de l’Eau Minerale Evian) over 15
years ago in Evian, France to help ensure the continued protection of
the Evian resource. Evian’s involvement in its aquifer protection is an
example of a best practice which Ramsar is able to implement in other

Continuously pushing the frontier of
sustainability, Evian has always been a pioneer of eco-conscious
efforts and modernizing its methods as technology has evolved over the
years. Past examples include:

  – The first company to switch from PVC to PET bottles
  – Introduced the first compactable bottle aimed at reducing wasted space
    within recycling bins, fitting more crushed bottles into the bin and
    helping the overall recyclability of its bottles
  – Ships 80 percent of its bottles from its plant in Evian, France by rail
    to European ports
  – Ships to North America and throughout the world using maritime
    containers, one of the most fuel efficient means of transportation
  – The maritime transport containers are unloaded at several ports
    strategically located along the coasts of North America to minimize
    transport from the port to the final distribution point

long history of commitment to sustainable development, as well as
efforts to support the protection of the world’s fresh water resources
and providing consumers with eco-friendly product where possible, will
only continue to become stronger as the brand continues to grow. In
order to communicate these practices, Evian has launched a new section
within its current website dedicated specifically to its sustainable
development initiatives. For more information, please visit http://www.evian.com/ .

About Evian

since 1826, Evian Natural Spring Water is the world’s #1 brand of
premium spring water. Every drop of Evian takes over 15 years to filter
through mineral rich glacial sands in the pristine French Alps. Bottled
at the source in a state of the art facility, Evian comes from the
Cachat Spring located on the Southern shore of Lake Geneva, in the town
of Evian-les-Bains. Evian provides a uniquely balanced mineral
composition and subtle flavor as a product of its unhurried journey.

Evian is a brand of the Danone Group, a leader in the food industry and
number one by volume in the world for packaged water and dairy
products. Evian first entered the U.S. market in 1978, where it was
served in the finest bars and restaurants in distinctive glass bottles,
and is now accepted as the natural spring water for those, including
many of Hollywood’s elite, who like to treat themselves to the very

About Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

Convention on Wetlands is an intergovernmental treaty adopted on
February 2, 1971 in the Iranian city of Ramsar, on the southern shore
of the Caspian Sea. Nowadays, it has become popularly known as the
Ramsar Convention. Ramsar is the first of the modern global
intergovernmental treaties on the conservation and sustainable use of
natural resources. The Convention’s focus is on maintaining healthy
wetlands, because healthy wetlands bring many benefits to people
whether they live near wetlands or far away. Ramsar believes that
people and wetlands are closely linked and that wisely used wetlands
can maintain biodiversity, sustain local populations and decrease

About RecycleBank

is a rewards program that motivates people to recycle. It does this by
quickly and easily measuring the amount of material each home recycles
and then converting that activity into RecycleBank Reward Points that
can be used at hundreds of local and national rewards partners.
RecycleBank is simple to implement, market-driven and proven to work,
saving municipalities’ money and rewarding citizens for their
environmental stewardship. RRE Ventures and Sigma Partners are the
largest institutional shareholder group and Ron Gonen, the co-founder
and CEO is the largest individual shareholder. Visit http://www.recyclebank.com/ for more information