Pepsi plans to introduce 9 new flavors, new bottle

Eric Foss, President and CEO of the Pepsi Bottling Group,
announced Wednesday that Pepsi intends to unveil at least nine flavor
extensions and one new bottle in 2008.

Foss said the company was encouraged by the traction gained
by SoBe Lifewater and intends to add two more flavors to that line. Pepsi also
intends to introduce four more flavors of the re-launched Aquafina Alive, and
three new flavors of Pepsi’s Amp energy drink, Foss said.

He added that the company plans to introduce a new
half-liter PET bottle that contains 20 percent less plastic than its
predecessor, and will be used for Aquafina Alive, Aquafina Flavor Splash and
Tropicana juice drinks.