A bottled water with a worldwide mission – Earth Water hits US market


New York, NY (May 1, 2008) – Wouldn’t you buy a bottle of water if you knew it could change the world? Earth Water International, a Canadian based company, announces its United States debut with its mission to bring clean water to impoverished areas worldwide. For each bottle sold, profits will help to fund United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) projects to develop sustainable water sources for refugees. Earth Water will roll out during the month of May across Whole Foods Markets nationwide.

“From our reservoirs to our taps to the wells in between, the world’s water issues are at the forefront of social consciousness. After our successful launch in Canada, we’re looking forward to drastically increasing our donation to UNHCR through the power of the US market,” says Kori Chilibeck, President and CEO of Earth Water. “Earth Water is hoping to expand consumer consciousness to the world’s water problem.”

Earth Water International gives 100% of the company’s net profits to UNHCR water aid programs. The money donated from the sale of Earth Water will fund the development of sustainable water sources and projects related to acquisition, transport, storage and provision of safe water for people living in poverty. Each day, 6,000 people, mostly children, die because they lack drinkable water. In the past 10 years, water-related diseases have resulted in more deaths among children than all the deaths attributed to armed-conflict since World War II.

“Earth Water has shown great dedication to supporting UNHCR’s work with some of the most vulnerable people in our world today. It is an exemplary corporation,” says UNHCR spokesperson, Greg Millar. “Partnerships like these will help change the lives and futures of many children living in impoverished communities around the world.”

Founded in 2004, Earth Water began a partnership with United Nations Refugee Agency to help change the world by bringing clean water to communities most in need, and it is also the official water of ninemillion.org, which aims to provide education to refugee children around the world.

Since its inception, Earth Water has become one of the most recognized bottled waters in the Canadian market. Earth Water has donated funds towards two large-scale UNHCR water projects in Sudan’s Abuda refugee camp and Ethiopia’s Shimelba refugee camp. Earth Water has plans underway for expanded market distribution in high profile chain stores in the United States and is currently sold in a number of European countries.

For more information on Earth Water International please visit www.earthwater.ca