Star Power – Exotic, healthy juice now in NYC


York, NY – After many months of rigorous
testing and meticulous formulation, Star Power is now available for
those lucky enough to find them.

Star Power team has been working tirelessly to bring a pure, premium,
not-from-concentrate Starfruit juice, with no additives or
preservatives. Starfruit, for those who don’t know, is an exotic fruit
with light but exquisite flavor, that is rich in polyphenolic
antioxidants, vitamin C and various other nutrients. It is so rare,
that the Star Power team literally had to scour the country and the
world to find a source that could meet their extremely high standards.

Power is a fun brand that seeks to help its customers return balance to
their lives, and to the world around them. Much of their message is to
balance work and play, and proceeds from every bottle go towards
globally responsible causes, such as colony collapse disorder in
domestic agriculture.

Star Power is not
only extremely healthy, but it is rejuvenating and strangely addictive.
So go out there and try some — and tell us what you think!