Company gives consumers a cap to enhance their water


Boise, Aug 21, NUTRA-LIFE INC, a Boise based company has launched a new enhanced beverage company that features five all natural supplement products that are delivered through its revolutionary Nutra-Life Inc. cap while drinking water from a bottle. According to Rick and Rebecca Anson, founders of Nutra-Life Inc., the idea of a new delivery system for enhanced water came about when they saw how difficult it was for their children and friends to swallow vitamins. After months of testing, they developed a reusable, Refillable, bio-degradable cap that allows water in a bottle to run past supplements and into the mouth. The supplements are designed to dissolve slowly as the consumer finishes drinking a sixteen ounce bottle of water. This system of delivery allows rapid hydration and quickly adds the supplement’s benefits to the body.

All of the Nutra-Life Inc. supplements are made from natural ingredients and contain no sugar, caffeine or carbohydrates. The Nutra-Life Inc. supplements come in a triangle form, and all come in the same mixed-berry flavor. One to three of the tablets may be used by a consumer depending on the strength desired. By storing the tablets directly into the chamber the nutratablets have a two year shelf life and consistent potency.

The Nutra-Life Inc. products which include an energy booster, a sleep aid, an appetite suppressant, an immunity booster and a sexual enhancer for both men and women will be initially sold over the company’s web site

An added ” Green” benefit to using the Nutra-Life products is that water bottles can be reused so fewer water bottles will be trashed daily. The cap is bio-degradable. (

Nutra-Life Inc is an enhanced beverage business that was founded in 2008. Its goal is to provide healthy supplement alternatives by using water hydration as a delivery source.