Pepsi Cola Bottling Company of New York Brings drank To The Big Apple

Houston, TX and St. Cloud, MN -November XX, 2009: Innovative Beverage Group Holdings, Inc. (OTC.PK:IBGH) today announced that the company has entered into an agreement with Pepsi® Cola Bottling Company of New York, bringing relaxation to the millions who reside in the city that never sleeps.

In business since 1984 years, Pepsi® NY has 20,000 accounts distributing Pepsi products throughout the five boroughs and Westchester County. In partnering with Pepsi® NY, Innovative Beverage Group will successfully place drank™ next to established Pepsi® products such as Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Lipton, Schweppes, Crush, Welch’s, Haw. Punch, Aquafina, and Evian throughout the nation’s largest city.

“Pepsi® NY prides itself on staying current with the newest and hottest beverages that are hitting the market,” said Scott Almers, Director of Sales and Marketing of Pepsi® NY. “In securing this relationship which brings drank™ to our store shelves, we can rest easy knowing we’ve provided our customers with an exceptionally popular, industry leading product.”

“Since the inception of drank™, it has been my personal goal to bring our calming beverage to the Big Apple,” said Peter Bianchi, CEO of Innovative Beverage Group. “Innovative Beverage Group is proud to be working with Pepsi® NY, one of the premiere and respected beverage outfits, by providing us this opportunity to continue relaxing the nation. This partnership is just another important step toward global relaxation.”

With a slogan of “slow your roll™,” drank™ is the antithesis of the herd of energy drinks crowding the functional beverage sector. Since launching in select markets in early 2008, drank™ has quickly become the go-to beverage for people looking to relax their mind and body with a calming blend of melatonin, rose hips and valerian root.

Pepsi® Cola Bottling Company joins an extensive and growing roster of regional distributors that have added drank™ to their New Age beverage lineup. For more information about drank™, please visit:, call 877-DRANK-02 or follow the brand on Twitter – To reach Pepsi® NY please call 347-923-3417.

About Innovative Beverage Group Holdings, Inc.

Innovative Beverage Group Holdings, Inc. is a Nevada-based corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas that engages in the distribution and wholesale of products in the New Age beverage category. The Company recently launched its first proprietary product drank™. Dubbed the world’s first extreme relaxation™ beverage, drank™ was created to induce a natural calming and soothing effect when consumed. drank™ is a lightly carbonated grape flavored beverage formulated with natural calming agents including melatonin, rose hips, and valerian root. drank™ is sold in prominent purple, signature 16 ounce cans bearing the slogan “slow your roll™” and is available in convenience and grocery outlets in a growing number of regions throughout the United States. Innovative Beverage Group began operations as a distributor for well known national brands of beverage products including Jolt, Rock Star, Crystal Geyser, Sweet Leaf tea, Arizona Ice tea, and Volvic Water. Although the Company continues to distribute many of these well known brands in the greater Houston area, the expansion of Innovative’s proprietary product division has become foremost in their business model. Recent corporate strategies have been focused on the marketing and distribution of drank™ to accommodate the growing demand for the product. Innovative Beverage Group is also currently working to add additional proprietary products to its line that will complement drank™ and provide consumers with an array of new and unique concepts in the New Age beverage category.

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