Hydro One annoucnes Bode Memory Health beverage


Hydro One Premium Beverages is proud to announce an addition to their all natural, functional, healthy line of beverages, Böde Memory Health loaded with the flavor of Passion Fruit Mango. Böde Memory Health was introduced into all Fresh Markets and many other stores around the southeast and is already a top-seller among health conscious consumers.

Böde Memory Health is an all natural beverage that contains essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals and supplements which provides energy and nutrition for the brain cells.

Böde Memory Health’s formula is loaded with many key ingredients such as:

Ginko Biloba


Alpha GPC


Founders and Developers of Hydro One Premium Beverages, Dr. Babak Baban and Dr. Mark Fields states “This formula combination we have perfected has been proven to provide a boost of energy for the brain cells in the shortest amount of time. During the day as our brain functions, we reduce the proper amounts of the organic compound, choline, which is a nutrient which is required for proper brain memory and thought process. Our beverage replenishes the choline back into the cells quickly to increase and improve brain functions. This beverage was developed to help slow down the process of our active lifestyles and the increased brain functions needed for our high-tech lives”.

Memory Health contains no fat, no sodium, and only 15 calories and 1 gram carbohydrates per serving of 8.0 fl oz.

So enjoy our Böde Memory Health to hydrate and supplement your healthy lifestyle because you only get one Böde and what are you doing with yours.