Dream Foods International Introduces its New Organic Single Serve Italian Volcano® Blood Orange and Tangerine Juices


Santa Monica, CA, November 30, 2009 — Dream Foods International, LLC (www.dreamfoods.com), proudly announces its new single-serve Italian Volcano® Blood Orange and Tangerine Juices. This follows the success of the company’s larger family size not-from-concentrate, organic juices. Sales Manager, Michelle Hankins said, “These single serve bottles give the organic consumer the opportunity to enjoy these juices more conveniently outside of the home. The 8.5 oz single serve bottle is a great way to enjoy these great tasting juices on the go. Not only are these juices great tasting, they are high in vitamin C and potassium. The blood orange juice is also high in antioxidants.” The suggested retail is $3.59.

The Demand for Organic Juice is Growing

The company launched these juices in response to demand from consumers and retailers that wanted smaller serving sizes. “This is a great time to launch organic juices.” declared Adriana Kahane, President and Founder of Dream Foods International. “The Organic Trade Association recently sponsored a study showing that 31% of U.S. families are purchasing more organic foods than a year ago and if needed, reduce their spending in other areas before cutting back on organic products. Because organic purchasing is steadfast, there is a huge opportunity for retailers to see category growth among a wide variety of foods simply by expanding organic offerings,” continued Kahane. Dream Foods International is responding to the demands of the organic food market by offering its new sizes of Italian Volcano® Blood Orange Juice and Italian Volcano® Tangerine Juice.

Functional Beverages are also Growing

The vibrant color of Italian Volcano® Blood Orange Juice shows its high content of anthocyanins (antioxidants), which cause the brilliant red color. Recent research has led many experts to believe that anthocyanins defend the body against UV rays, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Science has only started exploring the health benefits of anthocyanins, but many studies show that anthocyanins may also increase wellness and longevity. Additionally, blood oranges are high in vitamin C and average more vitamin C per 100 ml of juice than blond oranges. (USDA recommends 60 mg daily).

About Dream Foods International, LLC

Dream Foods International, LLC distributes super-premium, organic, kosher, not-from-concentrate, glass-bottled juices under the Italian Volcano® brand. This line includes organic blood orange, tangerine and lemon juices from Sicily, along with the bestselling Volcano Lemon Burst® and Volcano Lime Burst® squeeze bottle juices. Consumers can buy Dream Foods International’s products at the website www.mybrands.com by searching under the brand name Volcano, or they can register on the company’s website at www.dreamfoods.com to get recipes and to find retailers in their area.