BeBevCo Announces Coffee Extension of Koma Unwind Brand

Mooresville, NC (December 21, 2009) – ( BeBevCo (Bebida Beverage Company) announced today that they have expanded their Koma Unwind product line to include a product in the # 1 most consumed beverage category in the world. For thousands of years people have been fascinated by the remarkable effects and taste of coffee, with this knowledge in hand, product developers at BeBevCo thought, “What is the next step”?

According to Beverage Industry Magazine, private label RTD, or ready-to-drink, coffee is on the rise. Market research has counted 9 new RTD coffee introductions so far in 2009 with astounding sales of over 230 million dollars this year! There is one common ingredient to each of these tasty coffee selections, large amounts of caffeine. Caffeine is great, but what is a coffee drinker to do at the end of the day? It takes the typical human body somewhere around 6 hours to completely process out caffeine and prepare for sleep. But now, for the first time ever, cutting out your afternoon coffee isn’t your only option.

“With the relaxation beverage category expanding rapidly BeBevCo is taking this opportunity to stay ahead of the trend, and keep the Koma Unwind brand at the forefront of competition” stated CEO Brian Weber, “Our new coffee line will secure a market share that has yet to be tapped by any competitors and is a huge step in the growth of our company and the increase of our shareholder value.”

Koma Unwind Coffee is the BeBevCo answer to the coffee drinker’s dilemma. It is the first ever coffee formulated to help you relax rather than pump you up. It comes in three decadent flavors: Creamy Classic, Java Black and Moca Tonight, so no mater your taste, we have your flavor. Koma Coffee Unwind is gearing up and will hit shelves February, 1st 2010.

Koma Unwind Coffee is formulated with its special blend of supplements to calm your mind, body and soul.

BeBevCo (Bebida Beverages Company) Is the maker and developer of several beverages including: Piranha Water, Guppy Water, Koma Unwind (Relaxation Beverage) and Koma Shot.