Experience Project & Live Energy Partner for Charity and You Can Help with the Simple Click of a Button

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 11, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Experience Project, the largest online forum for anonymously connecting and sharing life experiences, and LIVE Energy, an all-natural energy drink that benefits charitable causes, today announced a philanthropic partnership. The campaign brings together Experience Project’s passionate user-base with LIVE Energy’s growing line of charity-themed beverages (50% of profits are donated to support causes such as AIDS research, breast cancer research, youth programs, and the environment). By involving the public in the anonymous online selection of LIVE’s next charitable cause, the companies hope awareness will turn into action online and encourage more people to get involved. Experience Project and LIVE Energy represent a growing trend of young start-ups committed to building more socially conscious businesses, and, by making a meaningful contribution, want to inspire other companies to do their part.

“Our product is about compassion. LIVE Energy isn’t just a beverage, it’s a belief that we all can do more and should do more even in small ways,” said Wilson Ling, Founder & CEO of LIVE Energy. “We want to be a part of the dynamic conversations around these causes, we want to engage people and be a part of where they live – Experience Project is not only the place where these discussions are happening, it’s facilitated by people who share our beliefs in building a socially responsible business. That’s what I call a true win-win.”

ExperienceProject.com, anonymously connects people who share the same experiences and passions, offering them a powerful platform to discuss and receive support on any topic. The site features nearly two million experiences ranging from causes to personal stories to life challenges and dreams. LIVE Energy’s charity-themed beverages, now available in 3,200 stores nationwide including Safeway and Whole Foods, make a difference with each and every can purchased. Both companies are dedicated to giving back to the community and inspiring social change. They look forward to what the partnership will bring.

“We like to think of ourselves as good people coming together with other good people to do great things,” said Armen Berjikly, Founder & CEO of Experience Project. “In LIVE Energy, we have found an ally that understands we can do business that is driven first and foremost by doing good and impacting lives in a positive way. We invite other companies to join us.”

Experience Project will be powering LIVE Energy’s online community, where, together, they welcome the public to aid in the LIVE Energy product line expansion by giving them a voice in choosing the next causes to support and corresponding beverage flavors. The most popular suggestions will make it the final cut in March of 2009. In May, the new LIVE Energy charities and flavors will be announced and promoted online through the partnership.

To suggest the next LIVE energy drink flavor and charity theme, visit http://www.ourLIVEexperience.com.

About Experience Project
Imagine a social forum that is completely anonymous where you can safely and honestly connect and communicate with others who share your passion for the same issues and aspects of life – a place where authentic human connection finally occurs on the web – this is Experience Project. Explore over two million life experiences, share your own stories anonymously, and find like-minded people who are open, supportive, and just “get it.” The growing community of people who use EP to share their life experiences are the source of the social forum’s unique culture, where everyone is welcome, comfortable, and engaged. http://www.experienceproject.com.

About LIVE Energy
LIVE Energy Drink wants to bring together a socially conscious community that cares about social responsibilities as well as a demand for healthier lifestyles. We all have a cause we care about. But what if we don’t always have the time or energy to support these efforts as much as we’d like? LIVE Energy Drink is a simple and compelling solution. 50% of the profit from every purchase is donated directly to charity, which means every purchase is an opportunity to contribute to a cause. http://www.drinklive.org