New RED Light Energy Elixir Seduces Taste Buds and Inspires Passion


LOS ANGELES, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ — Let the seduction and fun begin with the launch of RED Light, a new exotic and erotic energy elixir, developed for the passionate, adventurous set who want a better-tasting, better-looking and less-extreme “energy drink.” A sparkling, non-alcoholic beverage, RED Light is formulated with a unique blend of flavors and exotic fruit juices with roughly the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee.

RED Light will initially be available in New York, Houston and Los Angeles with national and international distribution scheduled for later this year. Original Seduction, RED Light’s signature flavor, is available in both regular and sugar-free. Each ready-to-drink beverage comes in a 12 oz. premium glass bottle with a suggested retail price of approximately $2.25.

Much like a spontaneous night on the town, an unexpectedly, better-than- imagined blind date or playful romantic evening at home, RED Light’s Original Seduction is a flavor fantasy, leaving a lot to the imagination. With citrus undertones, Brazilian acerola cherry extract (a super-food high in Vitamin C) and the ancient, five-flavored schizandra berry (which may increase libido, stamina and balance), RED Light’s Original Seduction is an unexpected and stimulating experience.

RED Light creator Paul Ebrahimian developed the beverage from years of experience in the fashion industry, working with tastemakers and on-the-go designers who wanted a more drinkable “energy” beverage.

“RED Light is all about feeling sexy and happy, embracing the adventure in life and living spontaneously,” said Ebrahimian, chief executive officer of RED Light Industries. “The RED Light experience is inspirational with a touch of fantasy.”

RED Light’s unique recipe and flavors makes it a great mixer with a number of alcoholic beverages such as vodka, rum, pisco, tequila, champagne and light lager beer. RED Light is quickly becoming a favorite of Hollywood and New York actors. At the recent Los Angeles Upright Cabaret, television actor and star of Broadway’s “Cry Baby” James Snyder commented, “Red Light was a great mixer for a great night. It wasn’t too overpowering and only proved to enhance the drinks.”

“Red Light simply tastes more natural than other energy drinks,” said Los Angeles chef and “Top Chef” New York contestant Alex Eusebio. “The flavor profile is complex. When I was first tasted it, I thought ‘this is something I could cook with’ and that can’t be said for other energy drinks.”

Unlike other brands that target consumers seeking an extreme and intense lifestyle, RED Light becomes a part of a lifestyle be it at the office, the gym or a night on the town. The ruby-colored, lightly carbonated and refreshingly smooth beverage invigorates the mind and body.

In a recent survey of 500 U.S. consumers conducted by Red Light Industries, 75% agreed red is the sexiest color, 80% indicated they do buy products to make them sexier and 60% said that they could tell if someone was sexy by what they were drinking.

RED Light is also sold in 4-packs that retail for $7.99. For more information, visit
About RED Light Industries:

Los Angeles- based, food and beverage company RED Light Industries, founded in 2008, is led by entrepreneur Paul Ebrahimian. In addition to new RED Light flavors, RED Light Industries will be introducing a range of other packaged retail products in the near future.